Where to Hang Wind Chimes in Bedroom

A wind chime is not a decoration added to enhance your bedroom interior design or any space in a home. It is the most common Feng Shui product that helps neutralize the negative energy, abolishes stress, and decreases mental illness.

It is believed that the correct use of windchimes is known to synchronize people with the five elements of nature, according to Feng Shui, i.e., wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Since it is handcrafted with great precision, the chiming can be heard even when minimal breeze or wind is present.

Experts state that it is wise to install a wind chime in a place at your home, where natural air is allowed all the time. The gentle tinkling sound which springs from the windchime will help the energy to linger on and ramble gently into the space attracting prosperity throughout the home.

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It is also imperative to know the material the windchime is made of. Metal, wood, bamboo, ceramic are some of the materials wind chimes are made out of. The wind chime material together with the sound of the chime, helps to attract more positive energy into space.

Now, if you are wondering how or where to hang a wind chime in a bedroom, first things first: don’t place this ornament over the bed, where you lay down to sleep. You should put it on the balcony or near the bedroom window where natural wind enters through. Hanging wind chimes in the right space in a bedroom will also help you sleep better, as the tinkling sound produces soothing and comforting music to the ear.

What are wind chimes used for?

They eliminate depression through the sounds that directly affect the mind and the entire body’s energy. They eliminate monotony, an effect the five-tube wind chimes is mostly credited for. They remove the negative energies. They increase creativity, and they have a strong aesthetic impact.

So, what type of metal should you consider for an indoor wind chime?

Bamboo wind chimes are our ideal choice for a bedroom since it produces a sweet sound enabling you to have a good night’s rest.

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Hanging wooden windchimes indoors will bring money and fame when placed in the South East and South direction, respectively.

Metal wind chimes bring good luck to the family if placed in the North, West, or northwest zone in your home.

Ceramic wind chimes bring love and romance. So, placing it in the bedroom is ideally the best. However, hang ceramic wind chimes in the West, Northwest, and Southwest direction.

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For the interior of a house, it is indicated to choose metallic or ceramic wind chimes for the best tune to be echoed through your home.

How to hang a wind chime?

To begin, always hang it from the attached or enclosed O ring or hook. If you add a chain or string to the O ring to hang chimes lower, you may upset the balance. That destabilizes the chime and makes it unsafe and jangly.

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The motion and sound should always come from the sail or wind catcher’s movement that activates the clapper, which strikes the rods. If the wind chime doesn’t “fit” where you want to hang it, that’s not the right wind chime for that location.

What do you hang wind chimes with?

Tall plant hooks and hangers, such as a shepherd’s hook, have pointed rods at the bottom to secure the device. Some are designed to hold even big hanging plant baskets, making them suitable for wind chimes.

How many chimes should a windchime have?

Numbers play a crucial role in wind chimes to get the best results out of it. Windchimes with numbers 6 and 8 are the most popular numbers of rods in a wind chime to attract positive energy and good luck. For those looking to suppress negative energy, using a chime with 5 rods.

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What string can be used for a wind chime?

The best string for making and repairing wind chimes are the fishing line or the braided cord. Both of these strings are strong, durable, and flexible enough to make super tight knots. The finer the line, the less noticeable it will be. However, a thicker line will be more durable and be able to hold more weight.

What colors should your windchime be?

Along with the sound the windchime emanates, the color of the chime is equally essential to bring in that luck to your space.

A red windchime ensures success and reputation. If placed in the south-west, the color is for love and harmony.

A blue windchime placed in the Northern zone is for the career path.

Green is for prosperity when placed in the Southwest direction. But, for good health, it should be placed in the east.

White windchimes facilitates communication. It invites positive ideas to a home, if placed in the West direction.

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Are Windchimes important in a bedroom?

Yes, windchimes are essential in a bedroom, just like it is crucial in every other room of your home.  However, as mentioned earlier, wind chimes should never be placed above the bed, table, or chair in a bedroom. It needs to be placed in a space where the energy is stagnant and needs an impulse.

You can opt for a space near the window or a balcony entrance. It is best to place the windchime where natural breeze is welcomed through.

Where to hang wind chimes?

Apart from hanging them indoors, you can also think about an outdoor space. A chime suspended on a porch, patio, or in a garden brings the melodious soothing sounds of nature’s music that help you to relax while they attract sheng chi and good fortune. Many outdoor feng shui wind chimes are made of bamboo or metal such as aluminium, copper, brass, or stainless steel.

According to the Feng Shui tradition, wind chimes have the power to improve many aspects of your life and, essentially, can optimize the Chi energy characteristics, wherever they are being placed.

In conclusion, whether hanging a wind chime indoor or outdoor, it will definitely bring positivity and bliss into a home. However, keep in mind that though every place is inviting to hang a windchime, the toilet or storeroom isn’t, as it attracts negative energy to that zone. Another ideal place to hang this charm is the foyer or even on a doorknob. The ringing sound you hear every time the door is opened will reassure the arrival of good purifying energies and activate yang energies.

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