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Top 10 Home Decor DIY Ideas

Not all who wander are lost. And also, not all who go for DIY are doing it for the sake of budget. Some of us just enjoy the process of building something and then placing them as fruits of labor for Home furnishing. Getting things done in a budget is something that just comes naturally with DIY.

So we’ve gathered a list of Top 10 Home decor DIY Ideas that will put your old items to good use and take Home improvement to next level. Let’s Begin:

1. Junk Wind Chime

It’s called a Junk Windchime for one simple reason; it’s made out of the junk metal goods that usually sits around your house. Use’em and use’em well for Home improvement.

Just gather some chains with decent lengths for holding the pieces of chime. And some old metal items like forks, keys, can openers, etc. If you really want the Wind Chime to sound sweeter, then you can also include a crystal.

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In order to put them together, you will need two craft pliers for connecting the metals with jump rings. Along with it, a solid something to form the top base, through which the chains could hang. You can use metal bowls or anything with similar diameters.

If one or more of these elements do not come with holes, then you could just drill through and begin linking them.

2. Mosaic CD Mirror

Got a mirror with a not so interesting frame on it? Well, it’s time to put those old CDs to good use.

This is probably the easiest DIY. All you need are some old CDs and DVDs that you don’t use anymore (well, nobody does nowadays). And smash them to pieces with a solid hammer or by carefully using your hand. Just make sure that the pieces are small enough!

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Now, use a hot glue gun to spread adhesives on the frame of the mirror, all over the edge. And begin to place those chunks of CDs on the frame, before the glue dries. You will love how it looks from a distance.

3. Frame Shelf

There’s something very enigmatic about the frames. They tend to make anything special by bordering them in style. So we thought why to restrict them to just photos. Use them as shelves for Home furnishing to hold books, decors, and wall art. Begin by removing the glass and any hardware from the back of a photo frame. Thus, leaving it absolutely blank. Remember, the frame should be sizeable enough to fit the decors that you are planning to use.


Now, measure the frame and cut four pieces of MDF (medium density fiberboard), pine wood or anything that’s similarly light & strong. Since the size of frames could vary, so cut the MDF accordingly. Next up, use wood glue to create a rectangular box out of these pieces, and fix the corners to each other by striking nails into it. 2-3 nails should do fine to hold the structure sturdily. The final shape of this box should quite easily overlap the size of the original photo frame.

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Again, use wood glue to place the frame over the box and drive 1 1/4″ nails through the frame into the box to hold them together. You can easily cover the nail holes with wood fillers. If you like, you can paint the frame shelf in colors that match the wall or your taste, by using spray paint. The final step is to use double sided adhesive tapes that are strong enough to keep the frame stuck to the wall and also the weight of decor or books that you plan to put in them.

4. Firefly in a Mason Jar

Everybody loves fireflies! The way they lit up the night sky with their uncanny presence; bringing back the fond memories of childhood for most of us. This gig of Firefly Mason Jar is a must-have portal to a nostalgic Home improvement, that demands less to no budget. And almost every ingredient can be found in your own house. We will begin by cutting small wings out of some lacy fabrics and then hot glue them to the back of the series light. The LEDs will act as the source of light, while the wings will get you closer to replication.

To further the effect, apply a drop of glow-in-the-dark paint on top of the wings. Then, use a hair dryer on low heat to dry the paint quickly. You don’t need to rush; handle a few lights at a time to avoid wastage of paint.

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Now that you’re done with the wings, apply the paint to the front of the bulb and dry it up in a similar manner. Once all the wings and lights have dried out, we can begin with the next step. Time to bring in the Mason jar and decorate its exterior with glow-in-the-dark paint. You can draw some grass on the bottom edge and naturalize the look with some swirls, dots or maybe even a moon. Let your imagination roll, but don’t let it cover the transparency of the main body.

After the jar is dry, try to fit the LED light batteries into it and hot glue the jar’s lid. When the battery runs low, you can peel away the dried glue, replace the battery and hot-glue it together again. In case the battery doesn’t fit in, you can place it at the bottom of the jar. Of course, it will be more logical that you leave the switch hanging outside.

5. Turning Old Teacups into Garden Planters

Coffee mugs & teacups are almost unavoidable cutleries in every home. And we are often left with a lot of these old or unutilized ones. Well, we’ve got just the right DIY that turns them into garden planters for a more positive & unique ambiance.

Begin by drilling a hole through the cup bottom, for draining the water that you’ll feed to the plants. Don’t worry, we will make sure that the cup doesn’t break. Simply, place a small piece of wood under its base and drill through it at a slow pace.

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While drilling, make sure to put on safety goggles and also to use a tungsten-tipped drill so that glass doesn’t break. Now, fill the base of the cup with tiny pebbles & rocks, and cover it with mud. Next, place your favorite plant that fits the cup and enjoy this  Home improvement as a lavish retreat..

6. Decorate Flower Pots with Mosaic Tiles

This is another great project to reincarnate your old muddy flower pots into a mosaic art form.

You will need the following items to execute this DIY:

Once you’ve taken care of the inventory, it’s time to hammer some tiles as fillers for the mosaic look. Just wrap a cloth around the marble and strike it into pieces. Since the shattered tile will have irregular edges, use a tile cutting plier to reshape them. Then, use a chalk to design their layout on the pot.

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Next, mix a polymer-fortified thin-set mortar with water until it’s the consistency of peanut butter. Following this, spread the adhesive on each design chalked by you and stick the tile on them one-by-one. Then, leave it to settle overnight. Do remember to leave slight space between each tile to apply the next layer of adhesive. On the next day, mix sanded grout with water to match the consistency of peanut butter.

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Put on the gloves and spread the grout liberally over the pot’s surface, while also filling in the space left between the tiles. You can use a wire brush or some cloth to wipe off the excess, and allow the pot to dry. Voila, there you have a marvelous mosaic pot to bedazzle your place in style.

7. Tin-Tile for Kitchen wall

This is another very simple DIY to refurbish your kitchen walls with an extra glaze. Just buy some tin tiles and stick them on the wall above the kitchen counter. Tin tiles will add life to your kitchen by reflecting more light. On top of it, they are easy to clean and come in a variety of designs.

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8. Vintage shelf for Kitchen

You can turn an old crate into something more vintage with this DIY. Make sure that the crate is sturdy enough to hold the utensils, and also that it has a blending color to it. In case the crate is quite old and demands a touch up; you can use spray paint or wood paint depending on the nature of the material.

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When the crate is ready, nail it to the wall with a nail gun. You can further secure the structure by fixing angle brackets below it. Place your favorite kitchen items that are frequently used and enjoy the looks & convenience of this  Home furnishing.

9. Frame the Boards

Often times we keep a chalkboard or whiteboard for various purposes. It could be to maintain a checklist of your project or just to maintain the groceries in your house. But, don’t these boards deserve some artform to seek attention and reflect positive vibes? In this DIY, we will use a metallic painted frame to highlight your chalk or whiteboard. Simply, use an old frame or buy frame edges that match the dimensions of the board.

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Following this, spray paint the frame in metallic colors. Or you could also use a paint brush if that’s what suits you! And fix the frame along the corner of the board. There you have it. The chalkboard looks way better now!

10. Embossed Letters

Can’t afford to get letters embossed around your place? Well, we’ve got just the thing for this one. Use cheap stencils to project letters on MDF, and cut them out with a jigsaw. Then, use spray paint to cover these letters into fond colors, and spell them to create words of motivation or just a label.

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