What You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Home for Spring

To ensure that your home is in good condition, you should carry out vacuuming and dusting. You should consider the last time you checked appliances such as smoke alarms or the dryer vent. The following tips will help you ensure your home is prepared before spring.

Clean the Gutters

Ensure you have a ladder so that you can check the gutters to ensure there is no debris. Remove the debris using your hands. Ensure that you are wearing gloves when handling such tasks. The other junk should be removed using a garden hose. You should seek some assistance such that someone will turn on the water once you issue the signal.

The Outlets, Baseboards, and Walls Should Be Scrubbed

The walls in the entire house should be scrubbed. You can use a brush or sponge and clean water with mild soap. The outlets and baseboards should also be cleaned; the outlet covers should be dried first before they are replaced.

The Filters Should Be Replaced

The range hood, air vent, and water filters should be replaced. The filters should be replaced within three to six months, depending on the filter type.

The Showerheads and Faucets Should Be Cleaned

The sink sprayers, showerheads, and faucet aerators should be unscrewed and soaked in a water and vinegar solution. They should be soaked for at least one hour and then rinsed using warm water.

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The Dryer Vent Should Be Cleaned

A clogged dryer vent poses some risks, which include the presence of a fire hazard. The vent should be disconnected to clean the vent, and a brush should be used to get rid of the lint. After that, the cover flap should then move freely.

Revolff, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Foundation Vents Should Be Checked

If your house has vents in the foundation walls, they should be checked. The vents ensure the air circulation in your home is good, and mold growth and excess moisture are preventable. During winter and fall, the screens normally collect leaves, and they should be cleared before spring. If there are damages, they should be repaired immediately. A vacuum cleaner comes in handy during the cleaning process. The damaged screens should also be repaired. The main issue is that the critters can even get through the smallest of all holes.

The Grill Should Be Cleaned

During winter and fall, the grill has most likely collected a significant amount of dust. By cleaning the grill, it will last for a longer period.

The AC Should Be in Working Condition

If you have central AC, make sure it is working properly before the weather starts heating up. If you don’t have central AC, consider hiring AC system installation to make spring and summer months more enjoyable. It will be better to have this up and running before spring even hits.

By adhering to each of the tips mentioned above, you will ensure your home is in good condition before spring.

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