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Got a Broken Foundation? 4 Techniques to Get it Repaired Fast

A broken foundation can be caused by a variety of things. The area in which you live will dictate the measures that need to be taken in order to repair the damage. Here are some of the more common ways when it comes to repairing your foundation.

Hydraulic Jacking

Through the use of a hydraulic jack, you can safely repair your broken foundation. This method is the most common method because it allows you to tackle the underlying causes that may have resulted in a broken foundation in the first place. The area of foundation that’s affected is jacked up so that the substrate underneath can be repaired. More mortar is added to provide a base for the foundation to rest on once the jack is lowered back down.

Pier for Stabilization

For sandy soil conditions, piers may need to be added in order to provide your home with the required structural support. This method involves drilling down to the bedrock underneath your home. Piers are poured that allow your home to rest on a more solid surface than the soil that surrounds the rest of your home. This type of foundation repair should only ever be undertaken by a professional since it’s the most labor intensive method.

New Footings

The footings are what helps to support the load points of your home. If the right thickness of concrete isn’t used for the footings, it can place undue load on the rest of your foundation. It may become necessary to redo these footings in order to stabilize the rest of your foundation. It also involves the use of jacks that will allow you to place the new footings and then lower the jacks so that your home rests on them in such a fashion as to be supported properly.

Redistribute Load

The type of foundation that you have needs to be carefully calculated in order to carry the weight of your home. Additions that have been made to your home over time can work to undermine your foundation. New structural support beams may need to be added so that you can redistribute the load of your home. Once the load is managed, you can repair the cracks in your foundation. Use mortar for larger ones and sealant for smaller ones.

The type of issue with your foundation will dictate the type of repairs that’s required. Use these techniques so that you can tackle any sort of repair that’s needed for your foundation.

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