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Wedding Day Invitations – What Should You Know?

You have already found the one, set a date for your wedding and all that is left is inviting the loved ones that will attend on that day. Although many people might argue that digital invites are the way to go, nothing still beats the traditional wedding invitations with photos. If you are someone who has ever planned a wedding before, you might understand how hard and frustrating it gets as the day grows near.

Countless hours of reading through articles and blogs to make sure your wedding day is perfect can be too much for anyone to take. That is why we want to help you make up your mind.

Although many sources might favor digital invites over the traditional paper invites, here are some factors that might sway your opinion:

Paper invites show you care

Going as far as designing, printing, and paying for formally addressed invitations and having them sent individually to each guest is noticeable. By receiving real, tangible requests, your loved ones get a feeling that you genuinely care about celebrating with each one of them. Think about it, if you received an email invitation, would it make you want to attend?

You get to set the tone of the wedding

A wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding. A paper wedding invitation allows you to incorporate unique elements and materials that a digital letter cannot achieve. With elaborate designs like watercolor paintings, you will get your guests even more excited.

It will not get lost in your guest’s inboxes

Living in a world of constant digital correspondence, sending an email invitation might run the risk of your invite being buried somewhere deep down the inbox. Come to think of it; not everyone checks their mail that often too. So why risk it? A good old traditional wedding invite will be delivered straight by courier and it might be hard to miss.

Wedding cards show who you are

Wedding invitations are the best way to share a hint of your personality and your love with stunning designs that will display one of the happiest days of your life. A custom paper wedding invitation gives you the chance to portray your inner creative genius with designs inspired by you. You can even spray your cards with a unique scent that will provide an image of the wedding day.

They are easy to make

When you think about custom wedding photos, you might picture hours of tireless paper cutting and a couple of paper cuts just trying to get the perfect design. However, times have changed and with professional online platforms like, you have the power of a professional graphic designer in your hands.

The numerous customizable design templates allow you to fine-tune your design to bring what you had in mind to life. At Mixbook we believe that every decision from the champagne to the invitation is for you and your partner to make. If you want your custom design, you have the option of starting from scratch to design your wedding invitation. You can pick everything from the size of the cards to the paper used in the printing process. has some of the best prices in the market and your designs are shipped sooner than expected. Contact us today to start your design journey.

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