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Unique DIY Wedding Centerpieces – Ideas and Inspiration

Weddings are supposed to be the best day of your life. Yet somehow with all the planning, spending and explaining to your parents why no, you cannot afford to invite your second cousins no matter how much they would love to see you—it can begin to feel like the most stressful day of your life.

Luckily, it does not have to be, because you are going to find ways to save money and make yourself a creative outlet! One way to do that is DIY centerpieces. We listed some of our favorites below.

Coffee Filter Flower Centerpieces

This is a cost-effective and adorable centerpiece. To make the flowers, all you need are scissors, florist tape, wooden skewers and of course, coffee filters. Use the coffee filters to make the bud and petals, and use the wooden skewers for the stems.

Image by Sarah Lou via Flickr

After cutting the filters into a petal shape, attach them to the skewers to make a rose. This can be a time-consuming task, so we suggest employing a team of bridesmaids, groomsmen or whoever you know that is crafty, and tackling this project assembly-line style.

Have people only cutting petals, others only attaching to skewer stems, and so on. Before you know it, you will have an adorable yet modest centerpiece for each table at your wedding.

Nautical Rope Vase

If you do not have a team of helpers at your disposal and you are looking for something a little simpler, this centerpiece is perfect for you. It is also a great option if you are having a summer or an outdoor wedding, due to the classy rustic appearance of the rope vase.

For this project, you will need coffee cans (with labels removed or spray painted a solid color), rope, hot glue and a glass jar to go inside the can to hold water for the floral arrangements. Assembly is simple: coil the rope around the coffee can and use hot glue to attach.

It is quick, easy and is still a gorgeous centerpiece your guests will be fighting over to take home.

Pearl Floating Candle Centerpiece

If you are bringing some charm to an indoor wedding or are looking for something a little more original and regal than flowers, then these pearl floating candle centerpieces may be just the touch you are looking for. For this you will need glass vases, white candles and lots and lots of pearls.  For an alternative look, try using biwa freshwater pearl beads instead of spherical pearls.

You can buy at

Assembly is very simple, and the result will be an elegant centerpiece that will complement other décor without being overpowering.

Build Your Own Lego Centerpiece

Now here is something truly unique, and you can make your wedding guests do the work for you. Instead of slaving away for weeks over centerpieces that are only for one day, put out Legos for you guests to have their own fun.

Simply put a glass vase on each table, fill it with an assortment of Legos and attach a sign that says “Build You Own Centerpiece,” or if you are feeling more poetic, “Building Our Love Together.” Guests will marvel at your ingenuity and how creative your centerpiece is all while having a healthy dose of nostalgia.

And the best part, they will not even realize they are the ones doing all the work. Or if they do, they won’t mind, because they are having so much fun.

Glitter Vases

This centerpiece will provide a splash of color and glam without being gaudy. For this you will need glass containers, glitter, foam brush, painter’s tape and ModPodge. You can decide how much glitter and what design you would like, whether it is covering the whole base or having a simple stripe.

A great plus to this centerpiece is it can work for almost any wedding color scheme, because glitter knows no bounds when it comes to sparkly colors. Once you have your now beautiful vases assembled, simply pick flowers that will accent the colors of your glitter. Roses are always a safe and classic choice, but we suggest also exploring the world of lilies, tulips and orchids.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

We love finding new uses for mason jars because they are so easy to find and collect. This centerpiece provides a homey touch to your wedding, while demonstrating that you are building a life together and not just celebrating one day.

For this project, you will need mason jars, wide rose ribbon, 6” tulle, twine, burlap fabric and ribbon, hot glue and buttons for extra flair. Then you get to select the flowers for your adorable centerpiece. We suggest daisies or hydrangeas to match the rest of your heartfelt centerpiece.

Tissue Box Flower Vase

This project is perfect if you are interested in something more than the traditional glass flower vase. It is also an excellent project option if you have little children who are just dying to be involved in the wedding process.

You will need tissue boxes, newspaper strips, disposable cups, glossy decoupage medium, acrylic paint and a foam brush. The newspaper design adds a unique zest to this centerpiece, and you can also give it a personal touch by clipping newspaper stories that mean something to you and your spouse. It will be a talking point for all your wedding guests, as well as a beautiful addition to your entire day.

Glass Orb Terrarium Centerpiece

We know you want every aspect of your wedding day to stand out, and your guests are sure to remember a glass orb terrarium centerpiece. This centerpiece works indoors or out. It takes a little time and effort to prepare, but it certainly will give your reception a nice vibe that will make your day memorable for all your loved ones. Take your orb to the next level by adding some energy and spirit with obsidian gemstone beads.

Flower Box Centerpiece

If you have been scrolling through all our suggestions thinking, “All of these look like a lot of work…,” we get it. You may not have a lot of time to dedicate to something as simple as table centerpieces. Well, we have something for you, too!

The shabby-chic centerpiece is cost-effective and easy to assemble. All you need is a long wooden vase, scissors and your flowers. While simple, it has the look of elegance that shows you still have an eye for detail.

Final Thoughts

This day will be about you and the love you have with your spouse. It is about your future; the theme, color and décor of your wedding are a celebration of that. So, remember not to sweat it too much, and have a little fun while you are getting creative. And last of all, congratulations on your big day!

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