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How To Dress Your Bridesmaids Without Them Stealing The Show

The focus of a wedding has always been the bride. That’s why you see horrible bridesmaid dresses in old wedding clips on America’s Funniest Home Videos. So, you’re probably here to get to the bottom of this issue. After all, there are many rules on what wedding guests should wear, but not much on bridesmaids. Well, here it is, the secret to downplaying the bridesmaids is (drumroll please), nothing at all! There is no secret.

A wedding should be a joyous day. Yes, the bride-to-be can be considered the lead singer, but once everyone is having fun, the day can be even more exhilarating for everyone. Throw out the old thoughts of unfavorable bridesmaid dresses. With wedding dresses improving in appearance, there simply is no competition. As a bride you will shine–it’s just about you and your sweetie.

Since that’s all cleared up, it’s time to turn that aisle into a runway, with you being the finale. If you set the bar high enough with the bridesmaid dresses, your guests won’t be able to contain themselves as they wait to see what you are wearing.

Building The Momentum From The Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses were previously uniforms–all worn accordingly. Now, many brides are exploring unique options. While it’s fine to have a group in unison when it comes to style, dresses can come fit with different cuts for personality. Some examples of this can be found on Here are some tips to staying fashion-forward during the celebration.

Create Time For Hair And Makeup

This should be a fun and relaxing experience with your bridesmaids. Rushing can create more stress.

Matching Mood

The venue, the dress, and the bridesmaid dresses all have to be apart of the same theme. Flashy bridesmaid dresses that should belong on a prom queen isn’t recommended for a bride in a subtle dress. Can you imagine that photo?

Dressing Appropriately

No one can feel their best if they’re uncomfortable. Everyone’s attire should fit the climate.

Things To Avoid…

Trying To be a Crowd-Pleaser

Everyone has their opinions and that’s all they are. The main concerns should be making sure the guests are fed, kept at a comfortable temperature, and have room to dance.

Stressing Small Details

While there is a lot to do while planning for a wedding, you shouldn’t over complicate things. Let the bridesmaids select their favorite cut or dress out of a collection you picked to make things easier.

Worrying About Making A Mistake

This may be easier said than done, but over stressing can make you make mistakes. It’s good to be a little nervous but not overwhelmed.

Put Yourself First

It’s important to remember that it’s your day and the celebration of your relationship. It can get easy to get carried away with what others are wearing. Hiring a wedding planner for a little help can be a good idea depending on the size of the wedding.


More than likely the bridesmaid is a good friend or family member. Treat them like they’re special. Dressing your bridesmaids in ugly dresses can actually defeat the purpose of putting the spotlight on you.

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