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Wall Art Décor Inspiration That You Can Follow

Thinking of bringing some changes to your home decor? With the whole pandemic situation, we have all come to realize how important it is to keep our home soulful and livable. There are different things you can do to give a new aspect to your home; wall decor might be the best of them all if you think of the wall as a blank canvas, a hundred opportunities open up to you to paint your canvas with.

It is up to you to decide what you want to express through this canvas. There are different ideas that can both match to your personality and amp up your room. Let’s explore what stories you can tell through your canvas.

Install Wooden Wall Panel

Wooden wall paneling is a great way to make a space warmer and inviting. You can select an accent wall where you can put a wood panel and decorate it with your design. Base relief effect or grid compositions are some of the trending designs for wood paneling. A carpenter can help you select the best one of different woods and paneling design.

Install Large Scale Art or Mural

If you are feeling a little bold, you should definitely think about installing a large scale art or mural on the wall. The large wall art will make your space more spacious. Wall art like monochromic mandala can easily draw visitors’ attention. Installing wall stickers can also make a great difference in how space is perceived.

Install Shelves

The utility of shelves is no longer limited to its function. It can be a great element of interior design and art. If you are a minimalist, wall shelve will save you space by not cluttering it. You can fill an accent wall with geometrically shaped wall shelves and decorate it with some candles, plants, or pictures.

Create a Wall Gallery with Photos and Paintings

Creating a wall gallery is a great way to bring some character in a space. If you like to collect artworks, you can show them off by creating a gallery wall. Different artworks and photographs hanging from floor to ceiling will make an illusion of a larger space. Make sure you keep the background muted so the artworks can popup and contrast.

Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is the one that is different from the other walls. You can bring in this difference by adapting different color, texture, or material. If you want you can add some dynamic wallpaper, install some paneling, or keep it simple just adding bright, cheerful color. Whatever you decide, you should keep it minimal.

Hang Some Mirror

If you have a small space but you want to trick the eyes to make it look bigger, hang a large mirror on the wall. The mirror itself can be the main design element if it is placed right. Mirror will also make the room brighter as light can reflect from it. If you place them directly opposite the windows, you can take advantage of it.

Install Canvas Art

Installing canvas art might be the most timeless design element which always stays in style. You can go for single large canvas art or create a combination of multiple canvases. Make sure you position your canvas slightly off the wall, don’t place them directly in the middle.

Invite Nature with Some Plants and Green

Interior plants can add a huge difference to space. A wall shelves full of plants and green will make a space more refreshing and fill it with a distinct energy. You can add creepers that will hang from the shelves or different cacti with clean and bold shapes. Be sure to take regular care of your plants.

Incorporate Sconces for Lighting

Scones are wall-mounted light that can magically transform a wall. If placed right, Light can set the mood for space. You can install scones with geometric shapes or sculptural-like looks to enhance their appeal. Scones with unique design whether it is modern, geometric,  vintage, or classics will definitely bring a whole new level to your design.

Add Some Texture with Fabrics

Hanging a large tapestry or some woven fabric will evoke a sense of comfort in a space. If you have some tribal woven fabric that tells the story of a different era you should definitely hang it in the wall. These types of fabric tapestries are easily washable and you can even change them according to your mood.

Incorporate Geometric Wall Décor

Geometric décor can both create a sense of static and motion in a space. Dynamic wall art can render a sense of energy to space. You can go for something abstract for geometric wall art. There are 3D printed geometric wall art or panels that you can easily install.

Install a Chalkboard to Add Some Character

Although a chalkboard might seem appropriate for an office room or a playroom, who says you can’t hang one in your bedroom? Installing a chalkboard will give an artistic flair to space. You can keep some colored chalk handy for some impromptu wall art or some inspirational quote. It will provide a rustic and laid back vibe to your room.

Go For Rustic Brick Wall

The texture of the unplastered brick wall is a treat to the senses. You can keep the accent wall with just exposed bricks to enjoy the rustic sense it provides. You can further accentuate the texture by adding some lighting features. To contrast the scale of brick units to a smaller size, you can hang some large size photographs or paintings.

On a final note, wall décor can be a wonderful way to explore your creativity. You don’t have to follow any strict rules as it is your home and the design should be for your own satisfaction. You can go for something simple like hanging wall art to something wild like mounting your bike to the wall. Whatever you choose, it should resonate with your personality.

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