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6 Trendy Ways to Use Indoor Plants in Your Home Décor

You may have noticed that currently one of the most popular home décor designs includes plants. Apart from being a popular décor feature, plants and greenery, in general, have many different benefits. Some of those benefits are health and wellness.

Plants are visually pleasing and they give character to any room, but most of all they are an inexpensive way to decorate your space.

The good thing about plants is that you don’t need a whole botanical garden to make them work in your home – one big plant can make a huge impact. On the other hand, one of the most trending décor designs is “an urban jungle” design.

Incorporate this interior design into your living space by choosing the most beautiful indoor plants, such as fiddle leaf fig, Ficus microcarpa, and bamboo palm. But you don’t have to physically visit a commercial garden or nursery to buy indoor plants. With the advancement of digital technology, homeowners can conveniently buy plants for sale online using a smartphone, laptop, or any internet-capable device.

Here, we give you an opportunity to see which trendy ways you can use to decorate your home with plants and greenery.

Plants on the shelves

Let’s begin with something light and easy, and decorating our shelves with greenery is precisely that – easy. Shelves are a good way to get more vertical storage in any room, but sometimes all that storage lacks character.

To bring life and beauty to your room and to give interest to those shelves, you can put some greenery on them. And if you have enough space, you can dedicate one whole shelf just for the plants.

The kind of plants you decide to put on the shelf will depend on how much light that particular shelf gets. Mostly, all plants like to have enough light, so start choosing plants with that in mind.

Hanging plants

Unused corners are the worst. But if you decide to adopt a plant, unused corners will no longer be your problem. One of the most trending designs includes hanging plants. All you need is a couple of hooks and you can hang a plant from the ceiling.

You can go a step further and make a nice macramé plant hanger to add a bit of character and interest to that plant. Apart from macrame plant hangers, there are many creative ways to hang the plant from the ceiling.

Air plants have become very popular due to their low-maintenance – they do not require soil and are ideal plants to hang in small glass terrariums. Similarly, vine plants like Pothos, Hoyas, or fern-like plants look great when hung from the ceiling.

Plant stands and pots

A great way to add interest to your space is with plant stands and pots. Plant stands help you elevate your plants and also add a nice touch to your plant corner. There are many different types of plant stands that you can choose from – if you are going for a more natural look you can find wooden or rattan plant stands, or if you are going for a more industrial look, metal plant stands are also available.

In case your plants are large and you like to move them around, plant stands on wheels are the unique and quirky solution.

Just like plant stands, pots can add interest to any space and they can draw attention towards your plants. You can choose pots that suit your style – different shapes and sizes, modern, colourful, natural, whatever you prefer.

Urban jungle

We mentioned above that urban jungle is currently a very trendy décor design – and now you’ll see why.

This type of design is especially popular among people who live in urban areas, surrounded by concrete and nothing but concrete. Urban jungle design allows you to bring outside in, it allows you to combine all kinds of plants and to make them look like they all belong together.

Transforming your home into a green oasis is a great way to cope with cold and grey that surrounds you. And when it comes to transforming your home into an urban jungle there are really no rules, just use plants with different hues of green and plants that serve as air-purifiers such as spider plants, pothos, ferns, plants, and many more.

Large plant

If by any chance, you are not a fan of many plants, you can choose to decorate your home with just one large plant. The purpose of this plant is to serve as a focal point. Large plants are great if you want to draw the eye but not overwhelm the place with a lot of greenery.

They are also very elegant and toned down true showstoppers. These large plants are usually tree-like plants such as fiddle leaf fig, monstera, palm, rubber plant, dracaena, to name a few.

Plants as room dividers

If you’re looking for a less traditional way to divide your space, plants are a great solution for this too. Plants as room dividers are especially convenient in really small apartments or spaces as they act as dividers without cutting off the light.

For example, you can place small plants on a free-standing shelf which will act as a divider. This way the light can filter through the shelf and thus it won’t make the room seem smaller or darker.

Hopefully, we managed to give you some good ideas. These are some of the trendiest ways in which you can use plants as a décor feature. The best advice that we can give you is not to be afraid to incorporate plants into your home décor.

Start by finding some low-maintenance plants and greenery if you don’t think that you can keep a plant alive for a long time. Then work towards getting plants that are a bit more difficult to maintain. You won’t regret the decision to incorporate plants into your home décor!

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