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Top 4 Benefits of Wool Duvets

Wool occurs naturally. People harvest the material from sheep. They have been doing this for millennia, sewing the substance into their clothing and their blankets. Now you can find wool in duvets.

But why does the material matter? Why are so many people clamoring to secure wool duvets despite the hefty price tags that are sometimes associated with them? Believe it or not, the benefits that wool duvets offer are not just exaggerations.

They are backed by actual science and they include the following:

1). Temperature

If all you want is a warm duvet, you can get by with polyester, possibly even feathers and down. All those fabrics are insulators. They are designed to trap heat between you and your blanket.

So why do people elevate wool duvets over their polyester and feather counterparts? Well, the rationale isn’t that hard to understand. Yes, polyester traps heat and, yes, it will keep you warm in the winter.

But what happens in the summer when climate conditions suddenly turn? That warm polyester duvet is going to become stifling. All that heat it keeps trapping is going to force you to kick the duvet away in the middle of the night because you can’t stand the warmth.

But doesn’t wool do the same thing? No, it does not. The best wool duvets will definitely trap the heat you generate to ensure that you are warm and toasty during the winter. But once temperatures in your vicinity rise, once summer comes, your wool duvet will switch its operations.

It will draw the excess heat away from you. It will transfer that heat along its fibers and release it into your environment, allowing you to remain absolutely cool and comfortable. With wool, you don’t have to change duvets with the seasons. The same duvet can serve you throughout the year.

This is how sheep survive harsh weather conditions.

2). Moisture

Wool is able to regulate your temperature so effectively because it is absorbent. So if you’re a heavy sweater in bed, you can trust your wool duvet to keep you relatively dry even on hot nights. This contributes to the duvet’s breathability. You never feel stifled or overwhelmed by the weight of the duvet.

3). Health

When wool fibers absorb moisture from your body, it evaporates soon after. As such, you never have to worry about your wool duvet getting damp as a result of your excess sweating. If you buy hypoallergenic wool duvets you don’t have to worry about nurturing mold, dust mites, bacteria and any other elements that might endanger your health. Wool duvets are actually hypoallergenic.

So even if you are plagued by asthma attacks, these bedding items will enable you to sleep in peace.

4). Environment

Wool is a natural substance. It is obtained humanely (in most cases) from sheep. It is also processed using tools and methods that do not negatively impact the environment. So you can use your wool duvet with a clean conscious, knowing full well that the material used to make it is sustainable and biodegradable.

You should realize that some of the wool on the market today is not completely organic. Some of the wool has been processed so rigorously using toxic chemicals that its natural temperature regulating and moisture wicking attributes are compromised.

This is why you should pay close attention to the companies that make the wool duvets you purchase. Make sure they use sustainable processes that enable the wool in your duvet to maintain its abilities.

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