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5 Beautiful Handicrafts you can make using Sewing Machines at Home

If you love sewing, then you need to move ahead of those handkerchiefs and simple kurtas and try your hands on some other interesting things. Do you love handicrafts? Well, then why not try sewing some really interesting handicrafts at home. Here, are some examples of such beautiful handicrafts that you can easily make using sewing machines in India.

Corsage Necklace

Roll out a Corsage Necklace utilizing a fabric blossom that you can sew yourself. Take sewing embellishments to make a flawless neckband that can be spruced up or down. Take out some of the stones or studs from your unused dresses and stick on it to give a stylish touch up. Once you make it, you will know that a corsage necklace is one of those simple sewing extends that you’ll wear over and over again.

Reversible Pouch

Take two different fabrics of different colours or designs and sew them with the print on top to each other. Just when you have sewed both of them together, collect them upwards and leave a little space to add a string for tying up. Insert a long string in it and it will be done. Also, you can use Singer sewing machines’ models to have a smooth experience

The one hour bag

The One Hour Bag will surely take just one hour to make and you will get a durable one by simply using some basic technique. Fit for a day at the shopping center, for some getaway, a night out or even an excursion, the one hour bag is one of the best things to make. You just need to follow the A-4 size paper bag making technique with the cloth and sew it completely when it’s done. As simple as that!

Checkers Game

Begin by making the outlines for a leather string. Chip away at the opposite side of the fabric and pin back every one of the four edges with a half-crawl inseam. It’s useful to clip away three of the corners. Make sure that you leave one corner open as it will be the place from where the leather line will come out. Stitch the packaging in place and attach a pin to one end and string it through the packaging on each of the four sides. To make the pieces, paint dark circles on eight of the wood altars and white on the other eight. That’s it!

Kleenex Holder

To make this, first of all cut 5 pieces of a fabric. Crease 2 of them length-wise, the other two width-wise and leave your fifth piece level. Lay your bit of fabric that you didn’t overlay into equal parts face side up on your table. Lay your four pieces out on top of the level piece like you are shutting a container. When you have each of the four pieces laid out on top of your base piece, pin into spot. Sew all the sides and you are good to go!


Whether sewing is just a hobby for you or something you wish to pursue as a career option, these handicrafts are surely going to spruce up your sewing experience. Well, make it for yourself or for your loved ones and keep working on more.

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