Tips for Decorating a Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the places that, although it is not what you often teach, or where you spend a lot of time in it (since that is the living room or even the bedroom), it also likes to decorate in a special way so that it goes according to your home and, at the same time, it is endowed with elegance and sensuality.

Although it seems like a simple task, sometimes the decoration of a bathroom can be complicated because there are many ways to do it and different styles. Here we have proposed to help all those people who are looking on the internet how to decorate a bathroom.

The main problem that we have detected is the personality and the style we want for our bathroom, since there are many bathrooms of different styles and all of them are beautiful, regardless of the style they have selected. Giving a bathroom personality is not something difficult, but you have to have clear ideas and see, beyond what is necessary in it: toilet, bidet, bathroom furniture, shower tray and / or bathtub, since this form we will be able to visualize a beautiful bathroom with small decoration products combined with the style of the bathroom.

Although there are colors for tastes, we have compiled a series of factors that are very important when decorating or renovating a bathroom to achieve a different and elegant style.

Below we detail the most relevant aspects when decorating a bathroom plus you can check dhgate wholesale to get bathroom wall stickers at best price:


Setting it is important to bet on artificial light. The latter has to be powerful so that no shadows are created when you have it on (white halogen lights is the most successful). Do not put too much light, yes some wall lights, for example next to the mirror, and spotlights on the ceiling that can help you highlight the areas of light points where you need special attention.

The Stickers:

One of the forms of decoration that is very fashionable right now is the decorative bathroom wall stickers, a kind of stickers that give depth to the wall and at the same time a design that can become unique and different. If you search online, you can even find online stores that make custom stickers.

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The Choice of Colors:

In the event that your bathroom does not have light, bet on bright colors (either paint or tiles) such as light blue, green, yellow or white. This will help it appear to have more light and at the same time it can also look larger for that feeling of spaciousness.

Bathroom Accessories:

As for the bathroom accessories, you must bear in mind that it will depend, and a lot, on the space you have in the bathroom. If it is large enough, then you could opt for a countertop with two sinks, one for each, with a bathroom cabinet with drawers Of course, we are talking about at least 120 cm or more. On the other hand, if the bathroom is small, it is best to use compact furniture and, above all, not to place too many things on the floor because it will create the feeling that it is smaller.


Mirrors, another option to consider when decorating the bathroom , where the trend is also committed to mirrors with adhesive bathroom wall stickers, made of different sizes, shapes and models. You always have to place one on the sink as it can give more space to the bathroom. A very elegant option is to incorporate the mirror on the wall, for this, you have to mention it to the reformer or bricklayer, who leaves enough space for the mirror and later incorporate a custom mirror.

Other Things:

Another aspect to take into account are the bathroom accessories, paper roll, towel racks, toilet brush holders… They would have to be combined according to the style you are looking for. In the event that you want a more classic bathroom they would have to be gold while if you want a more modern one they would have to be made of stainless steel.

It is also very nice to put a plant, a shelf with candles, a set of towels with some special shape … Anyway we could give you a thousand more ideas but we would never finish and we don’t want to bore you either.

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