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Tips for Choosing Bathroom & Toilet Accessories

Bathroom and toilet accessories are generally one of the last things on your mind when it comes to building or renovating. Due to this, your bathroom can end up looking unrefined or unfashionable. Uncovering the perfect bathroom accessories for your space can be an intimidating task these days, as a huge range of materials and styles are available to the consumer for a single product. To help in making that selection easier, consider these easy points to ensure you do end up with a dazzling new space!


You need to be alert about the items that will function in your bathroom properly. In all likelihood, perhaps one of the most eminent aspects is of choosing your accessories. Next ponder over who is using the space e.g. elderly people, young children etc. as this will guide your choice.

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That sterling silver toilet brush holder looks wonderful; however, it costs five times the price of the chrome. Straightforward budget decisions like this can assist you in buying more accessories for your bathroom fixtures or permit you to put aside more of the budget for required bathroom accessories.

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It’s desirable to choose accessories that match the style and look, which you are seeking; this develops a reliable look and lends that attention to detail that is typically observed in high-end sophisticated bathrooms.

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Bathroom & Toilet Accessories

Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush holders come in diverse styles and of sizes, from the single toothbrush holder to the big family sized holder, so discovering the right design for you will be an easy option. It seems insignificant but it’s something that is used every day and most of the time is out on display on the vanity or shelf, so why not place some thought into opting one that harmonises your style.

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Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers provide you with the liberty to match the utility to your bathroom’s design style; either you can wall mount the soap dispenser or you can have it built it on your vanity/ basin.

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Soap Holders

Soap holders or soap dishes are quite useful, it aids maintaining soap grime and aid in attaining a dependable look throughout the bathroom.

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Tumbler Holders/ Bathroom Cup

Straightforward in design and function, tumbler holders/ cup are available in a range of finishes and colours to go with the design of your bathroom.

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Custom Made Bathroom Vanities

An ideal bathroom vanity unit can alter the entire appearance, design and feel of your bathroom. If you’re revamping or just upgrading your bathroom, it pays to take the time to think whether you want to install from readymade bathroom vanities or finalise one from custom made bathroom vanities.

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Towel Rails & Hooks

To facilitate drying and storage for your bathroom items, the requisites for any bathroom are either hooks or towel rails. You are certain to locate a rail or hook for your bathroom with single hook designs through to multi-rail towel holders.

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Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are obtainable in a huge range of shapes and sizes to match your bathroom space requisites. For the colder climates, heated towel rails are ultimate in luxury.

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Toilet Roll Holders

Ensure choosing a simple working toilet roll holder that matches your bathroom style as well as users. Toilet roll holders are available in an array of styles and dispense methods, ensure selecting a simple working holder that matches your bathroom style and users.

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Close Coupled Back to Wall Toilet Suites

Close coupled back to wall toilet suites have a very traditional look. The tank is fixed straight to the pan so that it becomes a whole unit, averting the need for noticeable joining pipes. It may be one of the most operational fixtures in the home, but the competence of a carefully selected toilet shouldn’t be underrated. Another advantage of this type of suites is the hygiene. Check the list of the best toilet bowl cleaners for 2017 on toiletrated. These days, you can buy close coupled back to wall toilet suites online easily from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you are with just a smart-phone that has Internet connectivity or from your laptop or desktop computer.

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Take into account how many people will be using the bathroom and toilet and who those people are – as this will also decide the installation height of accessories etc.

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