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The Top 6 Interior Design Trends in Washington, DC

Thinking of renovating or just updating your Washington, DC home interior design? With the trends changing so quickly and the evergrowing number of options, it might be difficult to choose what’s best for you. But, we are here to present you with the top 6 Interior-Design Trends in Washington DC that you will be noticing everywhere around you after you finish reading this article. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. It is all about individuality

Individuality will be the main focus in 2020 and the years to come. So, whatever is unique – it goes! People are getting tired of mass production and don’t want their homes to look alike, no matter how stylish or posh they can be.

However, there are some trends such as all-white kitchens and farmhouse look that are here to stay, at least for the time being.

Photo by The Suite Shoppe Interiors

What the new interior design trends have in common is the feeling of calm, wellness and health. With more and more people working from home and with entertainment being brought back there too (hello Netflix) the interior design of the area where they spend their entire days matters more than ever. It is important to be able to feel peace and serenity at your home and interior design is there to provide such feelings to you.

2. Multi-functional spaces are in

In a city as expensive as the USA capital, buying or renting a smaller unit is the only way many citizens can afford to stay. That is why multifunctional spaces are very popular. Our friends from say that they have noticed one specific trend in Washington, DC – combining a closet and a home office into one room. As a matter of fact, the formal separation of spaces is not so important anymore as living spaces become more open. People no longer value formality as they used to and comfort is the number one priority.

Photo by Kathy Appel, ASID

3. Sustainability matters more than ever

Decorating decisions are often being made in accordance with eco-awareness that is a big thing now. People are looking to reconnect with nature and to give back what they have been taking away from it for so long. The indoor plants and herbs have become increasingly popular in the last few years and now even indoor waterfalls and fountains are having their 15 minutes of fame. Micro gardens are sprouting in many spare corners of modern homes in Washington, DC.

Photo by Paris K Interior Design

Sustainability is affecting our living and, above all, our buying habits. The idea of reusing is becoming constant in our mindset. That is why many of us would think twice before buying a new piece of furniture if the old one can be improved and updated. In 2020 and beyond, people will prefer more quality pieces that can last longer to the disposable items that gave them the freedom to change their home decorating style more often not so long ago.

Photo by Balodemas Architects

You will see more natural materials, textures and shapes in Washington, DC homes. Warm, earthy elements are a must, together with long-lasting pieces of wooden furniture. More often than not, people are opting for furniture that has a history or a specific story instead of getting the items that they know they will not need or want a year or two from now.

Photo by Annie Elliott | bossy color

Carpets and rugs are extremely popular in interior design trends in Washington, DC. The natural materials prevail, and what’s different than before is that the shapes tend to be more irregular now. Colors and patterns are warmer, yet stronger. The preferred materials are those from sustainable sources, of course. Speaking of sustainability, rattan and wicker pieces of furniture are making a comeback too!

4. Bold colors are here to replace whites and greys

As already mentioned, all-white kitchens are not so popular anymore. People are choosing two-color schemes, one of them usually being a natural shade of wood and another one a bolder color. The similar goes for other rooms. Monochromatic style is still very popular, but instead of pale colors, the bolder ones are becoming increasingly popular. Blues and greys are so last year, and now the warmer tones and earthy shades are in. Similarly, the silver shades of metallics are leaving more room for copper and gold.

Photo via Houzz

5. Some combinations that used to be unimaginable are now the main interior-design trends in Washington, DC

Anything and everything goes – that is for sure. What used to be seen as the lack of taste, for instance, combining colors and patterns, is now considered to be chich. The layered patterns are popular on dining tables as well as in living rooms and bedrooms.

Photo by Suburban Builders

What’s more, the contrast between old and new is now extremely popular. New things will always be in style, but the old ones make the combination richer and deeper. People love to buy pieces with a history, or at least with a story to tell.

6. Accent walls are out making room for wallpapers – everywhere

Wallpapers are back and they brought an entirely new set of patterns. Florals and warms are starting to replace stripes and graphics although these are still very present. Accent walls are becoming the thing of the past and they are being replaced by fully wallpapered rooms. Yes, the ceilings are not an exception. You will see more and more bathrooms, powder rooms and toilets with wallpapers instead of tiling on the walls. The new technologies made it possible for wallpapers to be water and stain proof and as durable as ever.

Photo by Balodemas Architects

These days, it is not unusual to see the same patterns being repeated on the wall and pieces of furniture against it. Add the same fabric pillows and your Washington, DC home will be as trendy as it gets.


Cold, industrial design is slowly becoming the thing of the past while more and more people design their homes in a way that makes them feel comfortable. That is why individuality and sustainability re the top principles shaping the top 6 interior design trends in Washington, DC.

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