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The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Indoor Waterfalls

Even though many homeowners have never even considered installing an indoor water feature, the choice offers several proven benefits for health and wellbeing. Indoor waterfalls and water features are not yet a part of most cultures but are definitely gaining in popularity these days as people are realizing the profound benefits for your health and lifestyle. Water fountains are great to look at, relaxing on all levels and trending in a big way. With a lot of focus on the benefits of going ‘back to nature’, people are looking for ways to bring the outdoors into the house or business. There are several incredibly appealing indoor water feature ideas that you could consider to spruce up your home and transform your lifestyle. Here’s how a water feature can impact your life.

The Sounds Of Nature

People are finding that there is definitely truth to the rumour that being around indoor water features can uplift your mood. This is attributed to negative ions which are noticeably present in such environments. Here’s how it happens: When water molecules crash together, as would happen in the ocean at the beach; in a natural rainstorm, or your indoor waterfall; it causes the water molecules to become positively charged. This is why it makes you feel refreshed and energized.

The negative ions come into the bloodstream and produce biochemical reactions that have profound effects on your body in terms of relieving stress, boosting your energy and relieving depression. A high concentration of negative ions is essential for energy and a positive mood. Negative ions affect serotonin levels in much the same way that natural sunlight affects melatonin. This is why fresh air and sunshine invigorate us while being closed in and being in the dark can result in associated feelings of depression. Most people find the sound of running water deeply relaxing. It acts on our subconscious resulting in an all-round soothing effect. An indoor waterfall can usually be heard all around an area and with most waterfalls, there is a valve for flow control so you can control the sound according to your preference.

Reaping The Benefits

It is well-known that running water is a powerful stress reliever, having this effect even on your stress hormones, muscles, and joints. The air we breathe should naturally have a balance of positive and negative ions but poor ventilation, air-conditioning, and dry air remove the negative ions. Thus, having an indoor waterfall can improve all kinds of aspects of our health, especially mood and sleep quality which are such welcome benefits that go some way to counterbalance the stressful lives of most modern people. An indoor waterfall keeps your air balanced (especially in winter) and keeps your mucous membranes moist, which helps to prevent and alleviate colds and flu. The air becomes dry in winter, which can cause dehydration, irritation, and nose bleeds. It also comes with a more appealing sound and more benefits than a standard electric humidifier.

Adding back the humidity is a wise move, especially as it is hard to feel how dry the air actually is. Many people have experienced profound health changes for the better after simply investing in an indoor waterfall. Of course, the aesthetic appeal makes it even easier to do the right thing and get one for your home or office. It adds a noticeably stylish element to your space and adds beauty, and promotes a relaxing, healthy environment.

Incorporating A Water Feature Masterpiece Into Your Home

Most homeowners may assume that incorporating a water feature indoors will be quite tricky and exceptionally pricey, although, quite the opposite couldn’t be truer. Even if your living room or bedroom space is not the largest, you can simply downsize your choice and opt for a smaller, more elegant water feature. The best areas of your home to include the masterpiece would be either in your bedroom or in your living room as most would agree that these two areas are the general spaces you will find yourself searching for relaxation on most days. It is also a great idea to include a few charming indoor plants to tie together a natural look and enhance both the beauty of your home while boosting your relaxation and taking advantage of the many significant health benefits. Decorating your home around a water feature masterpiece will prove quite a simple task as the natural beauty is extremely easy to magnify with the help of other natural decor pieces.

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