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5 Tips To Caring For Your Air Conditioning System

Caring for your air conditioning system will not only ensure that you stay in a cool comfortable home, but it will also help you save a lot of money on electricity bills and running costs. Here are 5 tips to caring for your air conditioning system:

Check On The Condenser Unit Fan

Every once in a while, consider turning off the power of your air conditioning unit and have a look at the fan mounted at the top part of the outside condenser unit to ensure that it’s still in the right working condition. If you find any visible chips or cracks on the fan blades, make sure that you replace them with new ones.

It is important that you oil the fan motor bearings on a regular basis if your air conditioner unit is a bit older.

Check On The Thermostat

It’s important to always check on your thermostat to ensure that it is functioning well and that it maintains the right temperature in your home. It is highly advisable that you upgrade to a programmable model if your thermostat is the old mechanical type.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set a high temperature when no one is in the house and then cool down the house half an hour before people occupy the house again. Keep the AC up when doing this. This will keep your house at a good temperature and the atmosphere will be just right if the thermostat is working well.

Clean Or Replace The Air Filter

It is important to clean your AC air filter or replace it with another one on a monthly basis especially in summer and winter seasons when you use the AC a lot. When the air filter is filled with dust, dirt and allergen particles, there is a decrease in airflow which results in the system working harder than it should.

The air which is flowing through the system will become dusty and dirty which may result in you or your house occupants being at a risk of getting asthma. To avoid this, ensure that the air filter is cleaned or replaced regularly.

Clean The Outside Unit

Grass, leaves, and dirt will build up over time around the outside air conditioner unit, reducing the system’s capacity to function as well as reducing airflow. It is important to clean up. To do this, shut off the unit’s power, then with a garden hose, gently wash off the debris. Avoid using a power washer and be careful not to bend or distort the delicate fins around the coil.

Ensure that you also trim off shrubs and other plants that are around your air conditioner to allow proper airflow from and to the unit.

Check On The Components And Wiring

Turn off the air conditioner power and then remove the condensing unit access panel and check on signs of overheating such as melted insulation on the wires, and burned blackened wires. Check also whether the electrical connections are tight.

Have a look at the unit’s capacitors using an electrical test meter. Replace the contactor switch if it has excessive pitting.

If you notice any of these problems and are not confident or skilled enough to take the necessary action by yourself, consider getting a professional to do it for you. Our recommendation for the best air conditioning expert is

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