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Small Kitchen Design Ideas To Make Your Cooking Place Exceptional

Cooking is an art which can be passionate and enjoying, if you get everything well arranged in the kitchen. Everyone wants a spacious kitchen with all kinds of comfort but property size and the design of the house may not allow it. In that case, you should learn how to design and utilize the space to bring out a compact kitchen concept. Here are few kitchen design ideas for small and compact kitchens like yours.

Find Compact Containers To Store The Ingredients

Storing ingredients in small containers like a jar, or a bottle or even a basket can help you to get them well organized and easy to find in one place. You can reach for it quickly when you need to add it to a dish to make it favorable. Plus when you store your condiments in a basket, it makes it easier for you to carry them all in one go to the dining table without carrying them one by one. Also to change the look of your kitchen design and make it more organized; consider adding shelves and cabinets on the walls. It can not only save your space but allow you to keep things neat and safe from the insects.

Islands For Your Small Kitchen

A kitchen does not look complete without an island; also these islands are great for a variety of purposes like for shipping in your morning tea or getting your meals. It is one of those reasons for which many opt for renovated kitchen designs featuring an island. But small kitchens tend not to have islands to make it more attractive. But you can still add an island to your small kitchen if you know the trick. You can opt for a stainless steel table and place it in the middle of the kitchen to serve as an island. They do not take up a lot of space; neither do they put a dent in your pocket. They are slim, durable, and transform the look of your kitchen into an exclusive one.

Photo by The Home Co.

Make Use Of Every Nook And Corner Of Your Kitchen

To increase the working space, you need to organize the kitchenware in two categories – less frequently used and most frequently used. Keep the most frequently used items nearby so that you can reach them easily and store away the less often used ones someplace else. Look for spaces that are being wasted and come up with creative ideas to turn it into a storage space like the space below the sink, areas in the corners. Add shelves, hooks above doors, or magnetic boards, utensil rails on doors, walls and by the side of the cupboards to use all the space of the cooking place and create some attractive kitchen design.

Keep Your Kitchen Simple

Your kitchen design should be simple and minimalistic as per the interior. Too much cabinets, racks or shelves will make it look too cramped and cluttered. Make your design look clean and clutter-free by opting for minimalistic designs. Opt for marbles or white stone tops to allow get more light while cooking and make it look spacious and bright at the same time.

Consider Using Trolleys

Trolleys are portable, and easy to carry around with food and drinks, together. You can also use it as extra storage for storing cookery books and magazines. Since they are portable, you can tuck them away when you do not need it.

Photo by Karin Payson architecture + design

Add A Bar To Your Kitchen

This perpendicular stretch of an island connecting to a wall or cabinet will not only provide with extra working space but will also serve as a countertop.

Photo by Vertebrae Architecture

Consider these points while designing your small kitchen your time.

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