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5 Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Island

The kitchen is undoubtedly a big selling point when it comes to listing a house. People who don’t even cook often like to have a well-decorated kitchen that is functional and encourages productivity in the cooking. Whether you have the plan to sell your home or not, you should have a good kitchen layout if you happen to like cooking or spend lots of time there. One effective way to improve the look of the place is to update the kitchen island.

Classic Wainscoting

The beautiful appearance of a traditional feature like wainscoting can soften the look of a chunky island. It is widely used in cottage-inspired kitchens, but it is so versatile that it works beautifully in modern and transitional places too. Install wainscoting designs on the side panels of the island and see how a simple geometric texture brings charm and beauty into the entire space. Is it time to renovate your kitchen? Check out some great kitchen renovation ideas posted by Model Home Makeover.

You can also use it for bringing a two-tone tweak into the kitchen. If the place is mostly white or neutral, bring a fun touch by painting the wainscoting panels with a vibrant color such as navy or ocean green. You can also install the panels horizontally instead of the more common vertical style to bring an extra impact and create a sense of extra space.

Make It Multifunctional

The island is no doubt a functional spot that you keep occupied during the time of preparing meals. Many people use it as a breakfast bar too, but you can easily extend its utility by turning it into a dining table. Ditch your dining room table and make the island a little bigger by placing the table at one end of it, so that it creates an L shape. If you have kids, it will be practical to go for height-adjustable table and stools. Such an arrangement will be welcoming in a tiny kitchen and will make serving a supper a breeze every single time.

Turn It into an Entrainment Spot

Adding a dining spot opens the possibility of transforming the island into the center of the entertainment scene in your home. It can be the sweet gathering spot for the casual evening parties with your friends. Install a mini beer fridge at the end or under the island to make offering drinks easier when you are hosting. You can also transfer here all the bottles and cans that take so much space in your fridge.

Another good idea is to install a warming oven. It will keep the food prep and the conversation going simultaneously when having people over for dinner or drinks.

Double up the Storage

Island storage is likely to be the priority when you don’t have space for a lot of cabinetry. Installing shelves underneath is a great way to increase the storage space. You can also invest in some wooden or rattan boxes and bowls for holding produce like potatoes, tomatoes, or dry beans. These baskets are also perfect for keeping packet goods such as chips, pasta, or something else, so there’s no clutter on the countertops or cabinets.

You can also use that space for hiding your trash away. Install a special cabinet or create space for stashing bins so that there’s no more trash can glaring into your face. Such a storing place will come extremely handy if you keep multiple cans for garbage and junk materials.

Go for a Concrete Surface

Install a concrete countertop on the island if you want to bring the contemporary cool in your kitchen. It is extremely hard and can survive the blood, sweat, and tears of family life. Whether you use it for cutting and chopping or processing food with a food processor, it will take all the wear and tear like a pro and gain character with age.

An island is a place where you prep the meal and eat sometimes. It’s a vital part of your kitchen activities, and it can easily double up your storage, counter, and entertaining space. These ideas will let you renovate it to fit your family’s living style and bring sophistication to the place.

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