Required Documents For The Most Famous Travel Destinations

Traveling the world can be a great experience. From experiencing new cultures to new destinations, there’s a great deal to enjoy from traveling. However, this does not mean that you can simply hop on a plane and travel to the destination of your choosing. Some trips require travel documents which may take time to obtain. If you’re not sure of what documents you may need to acquire, these are the more common ones.

Passports for International Travel

If traveling as a citizen of the United States, some destinations may only require a trusted traveler card. However, a passport book is the best option available. It not only allows you to travel to an international location, but you can also leave and enter other countries. For a multi-country trip, you’ll want to make sure that you have this option available.

If you already have a passport, you’ll still want to ensure that the expiration date is valid for at least six months after an international trip. Countries such as Thailand, Russia, and Vietnam have this as a requirement. Check the expiration date on the passport and see if it needs to be renewed. Renewing a passport can take up to two months although an expedited passport renewal is also possible. If you’re looking online you can search for ‘passport renewal near me’ and find some options as to where to go to. Remember to give at least two months or choose the expedited route if you’re short on time.


Some countries require visas to enter and you may need to apply for a visa before you travel. Countries that require a visa include the following:

  • Austrais
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • India

Since visa requirements vary greatly and can also change over time, review the embassy website of the country or countries where you’re traveling. Some countries offer the option to do the visa on arrival or before you travel. However, it’s best to do this before traveling for easy travel.

Round-Trip Tickets

Some countries that you visit may want to know that you’re going to be leaving. This is not a document that many people consider but you must have an ongoing ticket for most countries. This does not have to be a plane ticket but could be a train or bus ticket. This proves to officials that you’re not planning on overstaying on your trip.

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A few countries that require documented proof of onward travel include Peru, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Accommodation Documents

Some countries that you visit may want to know where you’re going to be staying. You should have a general idea of which cities or areas you’ll be traveling to for the duration of the trip. They may also ask for hotel confirmations. This is a common requirement in Morocco, Thailand, and Spain. Keep paper documents of reservations as they may be needed.

International Driver License

This is a document that may or may not be required. If you plan to drive while traveling, this applies to you. Thailand and France require. Your original license might not be enough as some countries. A driving department near you can help you obtain this type of license.

Finally, keep in mind that backup copies of all your travel documents are recommended. Chances are, you will have a great travel experience by being prepared so make sure that you double-check what documents are needed to travel. Also, if you travel to multiple countries, review the requirements for each country. With these precautions, you’ll have a great trip. Bon voyage!

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