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Messy No More: Tips on Keeping a Tidy Home

“I’ll just swing by this afternoon!”
Having unexpected or last-minute visitors is a nightmare for unorganized people. This is true whether you deal with messy children, pets, or are simply too busy with work to keep your home tidy.

Although hiring a maid or housekeeping service is a great idea, it is usually a costly one. We are going to look at a few tips that can keep your home looking organized and clean, even if you live by the mantra of ‘organized chaos.’ Keep reading to find out more!

Two Minute Tasks

One of the easiest ways to keep your home looking neat is to take care of any tasks that can be completed in under two minutes (or five, or ten.) This usually looks like placing dirty dishes in the dishwasher before work or tossing dirty clothes into a basket.

Other examples of ‘two-minute’ tasks include folding the blanket that sits on your sofa, putting your shoes away, or wiping your counters. When you are constantly looking for quick chores to complete, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and are more likely to continue tidying your home.

Throw Away, Keep, Donate

So many people save items for a rainy day. This often includes coupons from the mail, old boxes (like those from jewelry and shoes,) and clothes that no longer fit. These items make your home look cluttered and will make it overwhelming when it comes time to clean around them.

Quickly sort through everything that has been left on your countertop. Is there a reason for it being there? If there isn’t a real reason to keep it, throw it away. When you find objects that you need for specific dates, bills that are due, or keepsakes, organize them accordingly and give them a new ‘home.’

Shoes and clothes are responsible for a fair amount of clutter in most homes. Items that aren’t being used but are in good condition can be donated to your favorite charity and pieces that have seen better days can be tossed.

Additionally, when it comes to laundry, try to fold it the day you dry it. This is one of those habits that are hard to form but will pay off when you don’t have a pile of clothes sitting on your couch, full of wrinkles.

Dust Matters

Once you’ve organized your home and gotten rid of items that aren’t needed, dusting becomes a much easier task. If you have children, this can be a great chore to assign before allowing screen time.  Regardless, taking some time to remove dust from your home will make it look well-kept and tidy. Always start at the top of a room and move your way down.

Remember that you don’t have to dust every surface in your home on a daily basis, and they don’t all have to be done at once. This is one of those chores that can be put into rotation of your ‘two-minute’ tasks. Wipe the entryway table on your way out the door or dust the end table when you sit down next to it.

Dirty Floor Woes

Even the people with immaculately clean home fight dirty floors. Unless you are the only person that lives in your home and you never leave and don’t wear shoes inside, you will face this problem.

The best way to beat this issue is to invest in products that will make your life easier. Depending on the size of your home, you may only need a decent broom, hand vacuum, and a mop that uses disposable pads.

If you have a bit more area to clean, a robotic vacuum or automatic mopper is quite helpful. These options aren’t perfect and you will have to deep clean from time to time, but they work well for quick daily cleaning.

Whether you have carpets in every room or rugs throughout your home, invest in a vacuum cleaner. This is especially important if you have children or pets, but is needed regardless–they will extend the life of your carpets/rugs.

Depending on your floors, you will have to perform a little research on the best vacuum cleaners for your price point. However, view this purchase as an investment; opting to keep your grandmother’s 50-lb vacuum instead of buying new means you probably won’t use it.

Your Guest Bathroom is Important!

It may be tempting to only clean areas that you utilize daily or general areas like the dining or living rooms and kitchen. However, a guest bathroom is the one room that visitors may use without you being able to distract them from the mess.

This means that you should try to clean it once a week, but it doesn’t mean you must go overboard doing so. Wipe the counters with an antibacterial wipe, replace the hand towels, scrub the toilet, and make sure the mirror doesn’t have any fingerprints or other dirty spots.

Unless you know that a guest is coming to stay with you, don’t worry too much about the shower. However, if you can visibly see dust, it’s probably a good idea to rinse it out regardless of long-term stays.

These tips can also be used for whichever bathroom you use most often. Every other week, you should aim for a deeper cleaning, but staying on top of these tasks will make that chore a bit easier. Also, you will cut down on germs and bacteria that can spread!

Benefits of Keeping a Tidy & Clean Home

Maybe you’re wondering why you should bother with all of these chores. After all, you rarely have visitors and you’re the only person in your household.

Even if the above IS true for you, there are still a few benefits of having a clean home. The first of which has to do with your physical health. When your home stays clean, there is less chance of pest infestations and mold growth. You will also see improvements with your allergies, as dust is often responsible for itchy eyes and stuffy noses.

Additionally, having a tidy home has several psychological benefits. A clean home is shown to reduce stress and fatigue, and may trick your brain into helping you eat healthier or be more active. This may ultimately lead to weight loss!

If you are ready to see the multiple benefits of keeping a tidy home and never want to stress about unexpected houseguests, try implementing one or all of the above tips! Should your focus primarily be on your bedroom, check out a few ways to maximize that space!

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