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Maximize your Small Bedroom – Photos, Design Ideas and Storage Tips

Are you tired of too much clutter? Do you want to redecorate your small bedroom? Most of the apartments in the city has a small bedroom space. This limited room area requires a lot of storage and styling hacks.

To guide you on how to maximize your small bedroom, here are the different storage tips and small bedroom designs. Help yourself up and be innovative.

Hanging Clothes Rack is Better Than Huge Cabinets

Aside from your bed, your cabinet takes up most of the space in your bedroom. Sure your closet keeps your clothes neat. It’s the traditional way of keeping it. But if you have a small bedroom, you need to think twice.

Photo by Pause Designs

Instead of buying large cabinets for your clothes, why not use a hanging clothes rack. You can easily install this in one of your bedroom corners. It will keep your clothes unfolded, also make your room look stylish. Hang your favorite dresses and grab them in no time.

A Bed Frame with Drawers is a Must

You can get away from heavy cabinets, but you can’t get rid of a good comfortable bed. The bed is the most fundamental thing in your bedroom. Whether you have an enormous or small room, you deserve a magnificent bed.

Photo by Als Woodcraft

A bed frame with drawers is the best storage hack for a small bedroom. These storage beds can work as your dresser. The reason – you can get as many drawers as you like. You can use these drawers for storing valuable files, clothes, or movie collection. The possibilities are endless. So install drawers on your old bed frame now or buy a new one.

Hang Your Shoes at The Back of Your Closet Door

Are you having a hard time getting a perfect shoe organizer to store all your shoes? Most shoe rack available in the store is limited. And, you can’t just put your shoes on the floor. It’s untidy to look at, and it takes so much space.

Photo by Roeshel

The good thing is you can use pegs as shoe storage. How? Just add a pair of pins at the back of your closet door. You can also do this at the rear of your door to keep your shoes hidden. If you don’t have a closet, try building a pegboard shoe rack. This storage hack is a creative way of storing your shoes. Plus, decluttering your small bedroom.

Add Floating Shelves in Your Wall

If you have a small bedroom and your floor area is limited, try working on the walls. Work vertically as what interior designers suggest. This technique will free up floor space and makes your room unique.

Photo via Houzz

Floating shelves are a great idea in storing your books and other valuable things. These shelves allow more light to free flow through your home. Plus, it is refreshing and visually maximizes the space. You can make your DIY shelves or buy a bunch of prefab wall shelves in the mall.

Sit on Storage Boxes

Small bedrooms don’t mean you can’t invite your friends over. So instead of letting them sit on the floor, why not buy a sit-on storage box? This innovative chair will make them feel comfortable. Not to mention, you can keep your books and magazines inside.

Photo by Ruth Noble Interiors

There is a lot of storage stool available that can store a lot of things inside. You can pair this with a fold-down desk. Another thing is that you can put it against the wall or below your bed frame when not in use. See? You can have a table and chair in your room, stylishly and practically.

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Keep Your Wall Colors Light and Bright

Dark colors can make your room cozy. But if you have a small bedroom, light and bright colors are what you need. Painting your room with color white and shades of pastel is expansive and practical to brighten up space. These colors will prevent your bedroom from looking busy.

Photo by InSite Builders & Remodeling

Too much of these light colors can make your room boring. So feel free to layer shades of white and add different textures. Picture frames and hanging artworks on the white wall adds drama. For your ceiling, easy bars and structural designs will do. Less is good, but it doesn’t mean it’s dull. Keep your wall clean without sacrificing your style.

Skip the Bulky Bed Frame

Furniture plays an essential role in room decor. You must understand that not all furniture fits perfectly in your bedroom. Size matters, so pick the right-sized furniture for small bedrooms. It is because bulky beds take too much space. Every extra space is vital.

Photo by MASHstudios

You can start with your footboard-style bed frame, replace it with a modern headboard. Headboards are elegant but don’t overdo it. Always make sure your headboard and bed frame are proportion to each other. The Hollywood-style structure is also exceptional. It supports the bottom bed and extends just enough to your mattress. For decorations above your bed, add a mirror or a couple of framed artwork.

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Be Minimalist

Working in a small bedroom is about choosing between your wants and needs. Let go of unnecessary things that can clutter your room to make space for meaningful ones. The main focus of your bedroom is your bed, so keep other furniture pieces and accessories down.

Photo by Shabnam Gupta

Being minimalist can also reduce stress from everyday cleaning. Another thing is that you will save a lot of money from not buying useless stuff that you seldom use. For your small bedroom, a comfortable bed, weighted blankets, and pillows are perfect. Make your cozy small bedroom stylish and practical.

Author Bio

Sarah Smith is an aspiring interior designer and writer. She’s passionate on writing topics about interior design, especially on how to have a comfortable small bedroom style. By researching and writing, Sarah has learned new things such as how to choose the best quality weighted blankets and many other exciting things. When she’s free, Sarah loves going to the mall and buy things.

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