Major Types of Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles One can Find in the Market

Out of all the parts of your house, the kitchen and the bathroom are the hardest to décor. Since these two areas serve differently and have varied requirements, you need to be very cautious while looking for the bathroom and kitchen tiles. Henceforth, this article will talk about the various tile types that you can get for covering both the walls and floors of the kitchen and bathroom. You can go for floral designs and geometric ones when you want to get a distinct taste for your floor tiles.

Ceramic tiles

The most common tile type that you can get for both your bathroom and kitchen is the ceramic tiles. These are made from clay being burnt at high temperature inside the furnaces. Ceramic is not only durable but also long living which is why you won’t have to worry much about replacing them any time sooner. You can use them on vitrified floors and the ceramic tiles can also be matched with the ceramic accessories that you have for your bathroom and kitchen.

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Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles originate from the ceramic tiles only. But the differences are established in terms of the material and the process of manufacturing. Unlike the ceramic tiles, the porcelain ones have glazed surfaces and hence will be ideal for the wall bathroom and kitchen tiles and not for the floors.

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Marble tile is one of the hardest materials that you can use for covering both the walls and floors of the bathroom and kitchen. These bathroom and kitchen tiles will last longer and will make the surfaces more durable and stronger. However, you need to be careful about the regular sweeping and the overall cleaning of the tiles to maintain them for a long time.

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However, since marble blocks have large surface area per tile, you can only choose them if the bathroom or kitchen surface area is large. You can go for hued marbles, but the best option will be to buy the natural rock tiles having white and grayish shades.

Mosaic tiles

Another kind of bathroom and kitchen tiles that you can look for is the mosaic. This particular material is a special form of concrete tiles where small, colorful stone chips and pebbles are mixed with the concrete and then are formed into blocks.

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The mosaic tiles are usually anti-slippery and hence they will be ideal for the floors in both your kitchen and bathroom.

Slate tiles

Another common material which is used to design the bathroom and kitchen tiles is slate. This is a metamorphic rock and hence its feature set is quite incredible. For example, the slate tiles are highly durable amongst all other natural rock tiles.

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Pebbled tiles

If you want to have a rustic look in the bathroom or the kitchen, you can try the pebbled tiles. These are made from small pebbles which are inserted in the concrete layer when it is still wet. As a result, you will have slightly raised surfaces since the pebbles aren’t submerged completely. You can go for pebbled tiles if you have a hotel or a huge commercial place and you want to give a new dimension to an already-existing floor design.

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This kind of tiles is perfect for rustic or cottage style interiors. The best thing about having the pebbled tiles is that you can install different shapes and colors of the pebbles on the floor or the wall.


With the major types of bathroom and kitchen tiles discussed here, we hope it will be easier for you to decide which particular tile type will be ideal for your kitchen and bathroom. Make sure to get different tile options for the walls and floors to create a layered or accent look.

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