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Ceramic Tile: Should You Seal It?

If you have done grouting jobs, you surely know that another important step that you must do to complete the grouting job is to seal the grout for added protection. However, it is also common knowledge that grout is used in filling gaps for different materials such as tiles and slabs. If you are working with ceramic tiles, you also seal the grout in your ceramic tiles?

To answer that question is a resounding, “Yes!” You do need grout sealing for ceramic tiles. Sealing the grout is very important as well as beneficial, especially if done properly. Ceramic tile grouts are the same with other types of grouts. They also need to be protected from the wear and tear of usage and time. If left without any form of protective barrier from a grout sealer you can expect early damage, cracks and chips, stains, and even a possible grout re-application. With all of these problems, you will need to spend extra money, time, and effort just to get things fixed. If you are planning to seal your ceramic tile grout here is what you need to keep in mind:

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If you are planning to do the sealing yourself…

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If you will be hiring professionals to do the job for you…

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Sealing the grout is important, especially for ceramic tiles. This will add protection to the grout making its life span longer than without having any sealant applied to it.

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