Should you Install a Security System?

Security systems can be an annoying hassle – installing, maintaining cameras and sensors and the inevitable false alarm, these are all things that come with the territory of owning a home (or office) security system. But they indubitably have plenty of merits, and this is what we’ll be discussing in this article. So if you’re on the fence (pun slightly intended) about buying a home security system, you’re in the right place.

Advantages of a Home Security System

1. Protection of family and valuables

The most obvious reason for installing a home security system is to protect your family and your valuables, in the unfortunate case of an accident or malicious crime. Any decent security system has an alarm that both scares off burglars and contacts local authorities to notify them that there has been a suspected crime and possibly helping them identify the would-be home invaders. This is also true in the case of an office. You’ll sleep better knowing that both your family and your business are protected from potential thieves.

2. Crime Deterrent

Closely tied to the first point is the fact that home security systems can act as crime deterrents, not just for you but for the entire neighborhood you live in. It makes sense. If a burglar gets caught or flees because of a home security system, word gets out that this is an area where lots of the houses have security systems, which deter any possible wrongdoers from any possible wrongdoing.

3. Lowers Insurance Rate

Let’s say you’re satisfied with the neighborhood’s general level of safety. This begs the question: is it worth it to install a home security system? Another, perhaps underappreciated aspect of installing a working home security system is that it could  lower the amount you pay as homeowner’s insurance by a considerable amount. Of course, you do pay maintenance costs and some systems even require you to pay a monthly fee so that they can keep operating, but it can still be an economic decision for you to to install a home security system.

4. Catastrophe Notifications

Most modern home security systems do more than simply deter crime and catch bad guys. They usually come with a multitude of sensors which are placed all around the house, and these can notify you when things go wrong inside your home, such as in the case of a fire or increased levels of carbon monoxide. With immediate notifications about possible catastrophes, you’re in a much better position to act and save your home and livelihood.

5. Keeping Tabs on Kids

If you have small children, it could definitely be worth it to invest in a home security system. Basic security and protection aside, most modern systems allow for remote viewing of the cameras installed in your home, using an internet connected mobile device. This could be an especially good thing if you have children that you worry about leaving alone or if they’re hosting people. Furthermore, some systems allow you to lock and unlock doors through your device, so you can just lock and unlock doors for them without having to worry about giving them (and possibly losing) your house key.

6. Panic Situations

Many alarm systems are equipped with what we call a ‘panic button’, usually somewhere on the panel. This panic button can be used in times of crisis (when phones are not working for whatever reason) in order to contact the authorities. Panic buttons work even when an alarm is turned off, so they are useful to have in times of emergency.

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8. Manages Electricity Consumption

Many home security systems offer remote control over thermostats and electrical outlets, allowing you to connect and disconnect them without having to be in the house. This is useful if you’re prone to forgetfulness. There is no need to worry anymore that you’ve travelled for a long trip and you’ve left the thermostat on, or that you’ve left an electric appliance in an outlet without having unplugged it. Not only does this increase the safety of your home, but this can also help you manage your electricity bills.

9. Peace of Mind

All of the reasons stated above boil down to one thing: providing you with peace of mind. This is essentially the promise that a security system offers you. You’ll get a better night’s sleep knowing that you’ve employed a system that monitors and deters any crime. And ultimately, nothing is more important than peace of mind.

Drawbacks of a Home Security System

1. Expensive Installation Costs

One major stumbling block is the unfortunate high costs of installing and maintaining a home security system. It’s all well and good knowing that it’s useful, but that’s no use to anyone if no one can afford it.

2. Battery Operated

Many home security systems remain powered by batteries, which means they have to be regularly and actively checked if they work or not, which can be a bit of a hassle. But it’s nothing a quick periodic reminder can’t fix, which makes it slightly better.

3. Risk of Hacking

As with many wireless and application-based systems, there is a risk of being hacked by some evil computer whiz. However, you may take some comfort in knowing that most burglars are generally not geniuses and not exactly professionals, which means your system may be too difficult to crack for the average evil Joe.

Our Verdict

Obviously, there are some drawbacks to having a home (or office) security system, but the advantages far far outweigh the disadvantages. So our recommendation is that you should absolutely invest in a smart security system should you be able to afford it. Moreover, there is such a wide array of different security systems that offer different features, so there is definitely something out there for everyone.

It is always a good idea to do more research and get a more thorough understanding of what it is you’re looking for in a home security system, and which security systems are the right fit for you.

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