Ideas to Make your Living Room more Aesthetically Pleasing

There are plenty of home modifications that can add value to your home, with the addition of a new conservatory thought to deliver a huge boost and an estimated ROI of 108%. However, the majority of modifications with the biggest ROIs also cost huge amounts to undertake, with garden renovations and extensions offering similar cases in point.

When it comes to improving the visual appeal of your living room, however, there are more cost-effective ways of achieving this objective. These include:

Remove (or Hide) Those Unsightly Cables

Often, loose wires and television cables are the downfall of a well-kept and stylish living room. We may have put men on the moon, but we’ve yet to create a universal solution for hiding these wires effectively and maintaining the illusion of an organised and aesthetically pleasing interior.

Fortunately, you can manage and organise cables through a variety of means, many of which are available through international suppliers such as RS Components. Of course, you’ll need to tailor the best solution according to the size and layout of your living room, but this resource is an excellent starting point to solving the issue.

Adding Plants

A few years ago, the notion of bringing the outside in represented one of the key interior design trends in the UK, as people installed green feature walls in their living rooms in order to add colour and texture in equal measure. If this idea seems like a stretch for you, you can start small (while adhering to a similar design principle) quite simply by increasing the number of plants in your living room.

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This not only adds colour and vibrancy to the space, but it also has a number of physical and mental health benefits that are hard to ignore. It’s certainly proven to boost mood and productivity (for those who are currently working from home), while also reducing stress and dramatically improving the air quality that you’re exposed to each day.

Allow for More Natural Light

The optimisation of natural light in your living room (and indeed, the rest of your interior) is a key design trend, and one that can really breathe life into your living space. Natural light certainly helps to optimise the illusion of natural space in any room or home, while it can also minimise energy consumption over time (especially during the summer) and works particularly well with natural woods such as oak.

There are several ways to achieve this goal, from the installation of floor-to-ceiling glazing and the use of mirrored surfaces where applicable. This type of surface helps to optimise the levels of natural light in any home, without forcing you to spend considerable sums of money.

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