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How to Turn That Dingy and Dank Garage into a Decorative Feast

Garages are notorious for accumulating a massive amount of dirt, clutter, and junk. Your garage doesn’t have to follow this pattern, though. You would be surprised how easily the space be turned from a dingy and dank area into a beautiful decorative feast. Here’s our guide for making this happen.

Do some spring cleaning

Nobody enjoys cleaning, but this step is crucial if you would like to turn your garage into a usable space. You should sweep it out as well as you possibly can, and then even consider breaking out the mop to deal with any nasty oil stains or other problem areas created by car storage. Don’t forget to check the walls and ceiling as well, as those areas are often overlooked.

Photo by Garage Envy

Have a Garage Sale

Once the area is satisfactorily cleaned, you should throw a yard sale. Garages are great at accumulating unwanted gunk and junk, and you can help fund your renovations by selling off some of your old things. After all, somebody else might find your old junk useful. Even if you don’t think anybody would want that well-used power tool, try putting it up for sale before throwing it in the bin. You never know who might need it, and it’s an easy way to earn money in exchange for a small amount of work. If there’s anything that doesn’t sell at the garage sale that you feel could still be worth some money, try selling it online.

Photo by Case Design/Remodeling of Indianapolis

Decide How to Use the Space.

Once your garage is clean and organized, you can decide how you want to use your newly available space. You could just park your car in there, or your garage could serve as a workroom, office, home gym, craft room, guest room, or even a playroom for your kids. Each of these require slightly different upgrades, so decide before you start your upgrades.

Photo by Brown + Davis Design

Begin Upgrades

Once you’ve cleaned out the garage and decided how you want to use your space, you can begin renovations. This does not need to include any sort of construction work at all. Purchase some colorful lights to make your garage more welcoming. Some decorative rugs, wall decorations, and artwork can bring a lot of life into the area. This is the most fun part of the project, so you should feel free to get creative. Remember that the outside of your garage is just as important as the inside and building up the curb appeal can add value to your home. You should also consider upgrading your garage door. A rickety or dingy garage door can really bring down the atmosphere of the space. In addition to this, old springs can be extremely dangerous when they snap.

Photo by Garage Solutions, Inc.

Hopefully after reading this you have a better idea of how to bring more life into your disused and gunky garage. With a little bit of elbow grease and creativity you’ll be astonished at what you can do.

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