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What Makes a Great Guest Room?

There are guest rooms, there are good guest rooms and then there are amazing guest rooms which make your friends and family want to move into your home. If you wish your guests to feel as they are at home, just as any of us wants when we are visiting someone, a great guest room surely won’t hurt. Here we will cover the most important issues you have to pay attention to in order to make it happen.


A guest room should be located as far from the living room and kitchen as possible. You wish to provide your guests with peaceful atmosphere and an opportunity to isolate themselves whenever they feel the need. If possible, a guest room should not face the street, and a nice view to your flower garden or the nature surrounding your home is certainly a plus.


Less is more in this case. A comfortable bed, equipped with enough sleeping and additional pillows, linen and blankets, a small work desk, a couple of chairs and a night table are enough to provide both relaxation and a working environment, if needed. Also, supply the desk with basics, such as paper, pencil and pens, clippers, etc. Bookshelves are welcomed, of course, so are the linen cabinets, but do not clutter the space. Use vertical storage, it is the best option here.


A few artworks, delicate touch of flowers and plants will be more than enough to enrich the room and add warmth to it. Decorative rugs and curtains are also an option, just make sure to blend them to soft palette wall color you chose.


A bathroom in the guest room is a great convenience and it would provide a complete privacy for your guests. They would not have to wait, or pick the time when your bathroom is available, which is especially convenient if you, or your guests, have children. Think of the morning and before bedtime bathroom rush that is so common for large families. If the room features no bathroom, or if you would like to improve it, it can easily be done with the help of bathroom renovation services, such as the one in Sydney. The choice of designs and equipment will meet anyone’s needs. Furthermore, provide the necessary cosmetics and linen required for normal bathroom use. Linen cabinets are required to, but keep the policy of less is more here too.



As you know, the majority of work nowadays and a significant amount of free time are spent online. Therefore, a stable WIFI connection is almost a must, even for guest rooms. A cable TV would be a nice addition, as well as a DVD player, naturally positioned opposite the bed for vertical enjoyment. A small fridge is also what pushes a guest room into great category, especially if you equip with beverages and snacks! Basic ones would be enough to reinforce the message how welcomed your guests are to your home.

As you see, a proper planning and a step by step approach are required. They are easy to follow and if you do so, your great guest room will be ready in no time. Of course, it is only up to you and your guests to keep it that way.

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