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How to Upgrade Your Living Room for Functional Summer Glamour

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time for homeowners to make a remodeling change to their homes. If you’re preparing for an upcoming renovation, consider focusing on the living room. The best living room remodel will help to transform this space into the remarkable centerpiece of your home. Read on for four ideas to renovate your living room.

Open Up the Room

The open floor concept is certainly a popular trend for homeowners all over the world. During your living room renovation, choosing to take down a few walls will immediately open up the room and add more space. Removing any obstructing walls will give you access to more natural light from sunlight from outdoors as well as the light from any adjoining rooms. In addition to brightening up your living room, an open floor plan will also give the room a larger feel.

Photo by Westlake Development Group, LLC

Install Ceiling Fans

In your efforts to renovate your living room, consider investing in ceiling fans. While ceiling fans are not a new trend, they can really add a modern touch to your home. Stylish ceiling fans improve the lighting in our room, efficiently cool the home, and contribute to the aesthetic of your recently renovated living room. For example, a white ceiling fan can easily complement the rest of your home’s aesthetic and add a sense of modern style to the living room.

Photo by Stofft Cooney Architects

Upgrade Window Treatments

Window treatments are another detail to include when renovating a living room. These investments can often feel dated if not frequently upgraded. The right window treatments are those that enhance your home’s decor, allow more natural light to flow in, and provide privacy and security during the night. Popular window treatments include curtains, blinds, shutters, and the like.

Photo by Terry M. Elston, Builder

Change Your Color Palette

A true living room transformation isn’t complete without a change in the color palette. Neutral colors like beige, gray, or white will always freshen up a room while complementing the style in the rest of the home. If you’re opting for a bolder renovation, consider a paint job with pops of color like blue, red, gold, or earthy tones.

Photo by Bee’s Knees Design, LLC

Make sure your home is ready to welcome summer by investing in an artful makeover. Give your living room the transformation it deserves with a proper remodel using these four ideas as creative inspiration for your upcoming renovation.

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