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4 Ways Window Treatments Can Influence the Atmosphere of Your Home

One of the most overlooked areas of the home when it comes to interior decorating is the windows. It’s not uncommon for people to realize that they need to do something to their windows after they’ve already spent their budget elsewhere. Your windows should receive the same kind of thought as your walls and flooring. To help you make the best interior decorative choice for your windows, here are four ways window treatments can set the atmosphere in your home.


Perhaps you’ve never noticed how bare a window can be until it’s missing drapes. While drapes are traditionally used to help block out the sun, they also serve an aesthetic purpose. They’re basically like clothes for the windows. There are many drapes you can choose from. Some of them are modern while others might be industrial or modern. Choosing the right style of drapes can make your home soothing or bold.

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Roman Shades

Another aesthetic design that you might love for your windows is Roman shades. These are shades that rest within the window. They hang vertically and can be adjusted to your needs. While they’re not quite so in-your-face as drapes, they can be used to add delicate pockets of color and patterns to an area. Sometimes being understated is the path to choose.

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Cellular Shades

The style alone of cellular shades can be a lot of fun for the right design. They also come in various shades of colors, so you can play around with different shades of color to bet fit the tone of the room. They’re also effective at filtering out light and sound. In regards to light, you might want to play around with colors and see how the filtered light affects the shade in the room. You could create an entire design simply around cellular shades. To add in a touch of luxury, then you might also want to add in Somfy to motorize your shades. You can adjust them as needed with a simple press of a button.

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Finally, consider shutters for adding a delicate balance between design and light. Plantation shutters are especially popular since they cover the entire window and are easy to use. They also offer a few different colors, so you can match your wall’s paint.

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Playing with light is a key part of setting an atmosphere. These four window treatments can help influence it.

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