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How DIY Shutters Transform your Home

When it comes to decorating and transforming your home, windows are often an easily overlooked feature. Any style of plantation shutter has the ability to transform your window into a main feature by providing a stylish appearance that complements any home décor. They go beyond just making the windows look nice and make the house brighter and provide a great atmosphere – an easy fix to transform your home.

Made to measure

When you’re looking to change your window treatment, choosing cheap blinds or a set of curtains is only a temporary fix, and they often make the rooms look unfinished – and importantly, they might not actually function as a window treatment in the way that you are hoping. Specialist shutter companies offer a made-to-measure service – by sending them your exact window measurements, your window shutters will fit perfectly. Made-to-measure shutters add a high-end finish to your windows and the room in which they are placed – hey presto, a luxury look with an affordable price tag!

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Easy installation

Shutters are easy to install. If you can assemble flat-pack furniture, then you can definitely install a set of window shutters! If you do get confused, then there are companies such as The Shutter Store that have a complete step-by-step guide on how to install them, or you can call them for advice. Suitable for DIYers of all abilities, it takes just an hour or so to install them, making them a quick and easy addition to any home.

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With a variety of colors to choose from, shutters can be an eye-catching and unique way to frame your windows. From bright blues to bold reds, there’s a color for every room in the home, though neutral shades of whites are the most popular. However, with such a wide variety available, choosing something a little different can add character and style to your home.

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Installing any style of interior shutter is a great way to let more light into smaller, darker homes. Louvered shutters are easy to adjust – you can either completely open the slats to let light flow in, or you can angle the slats upwards, allowing light to seep through while controlling your privacy. Solid shutters expose the whole window when opened and allow as much light to flow through as possible, making the most of your windows. By lighting up your home, it will feel more open and airier, and it will help to improve your mood.

Photo Credit: The Shutter Store

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