How to Choose a Paint Color for Inside Your Home Based on the Mood You Want to Achieve

Interior house paints aren’t just aesthetic tools that make walls look lovely; they are stimuli and can speak to our subconscious. While a cool blue will deliver a peaceful mood, a bright yellow will make you hyper and energetic.

Given the importance, choosing a house paint for your interior decoration may turn out to be a tough task. You may end up engaging a painting contractor to help you settle on a color that will convey a specific mood on you.

To help with your color selection process, peruse through some of the moods you might want to achieve and colors to help you attain them.

Romantic/Socializing Mood

Red is the most effective color to deliver a passionate mood. From research, this color makes your heartbeat and respiration spike, heightening your senses.

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You can add class to the vigor conveyed by red by choosing a shade of red. For example, vermilion can make a room appear both romantic and timeless.

Relaxed Mood

Blue and its shades relay a tranquil feeling, making a room’s occupants keep calm the same way an ocean does. You can change the mood even more soothing by adding a shade of green.

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However, poor furniture arrangement undermines the serenity blue tries to deliver. Couple blue walls with grey or white fixtures evenly spread across a wooden floor.

Royal Mood

Purple is the color you want to make your living room feel like a palace. However, crimson red and cobalt blue rank as top alternatives for purple.

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To give yourself an even regal mood, furnish your purple-painted house with bronze fixtures.

Energetic Mood

Two colors promise to make you feel energetic but happy: orange and yellow. Orange is especially ideal for house interiors, as it blends well with other neutral colors.

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Yellow, on the other hand, is the happy hour color. Its resemblance to a bright sun arouses joyful memories.

Inspirational Mood

Having a green colored house interior connects your room with nature. It gives you a peaceful, healthy, and productive mind. Shades such as apple green will inspire and soothe you at the same time.

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You can customize your house to create a personal comfort spot in a busy world. All you need is the right paint color. Of course, you can paint separate rooms differently to stimulate varied moods.

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