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How to Add a New Shine to Your Old Apartment

Renting doesn’t have to mean you can’t own the style of your place. You can make your old apartment feel new again by adding touches of style that speak to your unique design tastes. No matter your comfort level with crafting, painting, or home improvement, there are apartment-friendly options to make your home sparkle.

Whether you rent or own your apartment, the size, age, color, design choices, multi-functional furniture, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can transform any space. Wow your friends, and even impress yourself with how good your apartment looks when you try one or more of these tips to add style to your apartment.

Textures and Patterns

Old doesn’t have to mean dated. Enhance the features of an older apartment by playing up the antique elements with new textures and patterns. Frame unique windows with bamboo blinds or curtains that complement the frame and style of your windows. Consider adding a classic rug to your living space that matches the feel of your current coffee table.

Playing with textures and patterns can lead you to a new world of fresh style. If you’re up for a DIY project, you can use square pieces of fabric for an awe-inspiring accent wall for your apartment. Find fabric swatches used to choose couch textures and colors at a design shop, furniture store, or thrift shop. You can use these samples to create a one-of-a-kind design by matching similar colors, textures, or patterns in the fabric swatches and attaching them to one large sheet like a tapestry.

Another way to create an eye-catching pattern is to use picture frames with different designs and metals. Arrange them on your wall for an eclectic and intriguing highlight to your space. One of the benefits of adding a removable feature wall is that you can switch it up each season or remove it easily when you move out.

Paintings, Sculptures, and Accent Pieces

Another option to add a fun and stylish flare to your space is with artwork. There are endless stylish possibilities when you add custom, DIY, or thrifted artwork to your home. One option is to create your own paintings. Use painter’s tape, a large canvas or drawing paper, and your favorite colors to create abstract designs.

You can also fashion your own pottery or sculptures using clay or wood. Using paint and placement, you can place your sculpture in unique places around your home that highlight key features like original cabinets, wood floors, or beautiful tile.

You can add an organic and magical touch to your space by adding crystal home accessories that add literal shine to your apartment. Some crystals stand as tall as your dining table and others are small enough to fit on a shelf in your office. Mix and match colors and sizes to create a whimsical, earthy feel with undeniable charm.

However, if you don’t consider yourself an artist, there are many treasures to discover at second-hand stores and local artisan craft markets. Find a painting for sale and choose a new frame, or find a print you love at a department store and give it new life with a new frame.

New Furniture

When your space doesn’t feel like you anymore, there is no need to give up on the space. The beauty of design is that you can redefine any space with simple changes. Furniture choices are a wonderful way to transform any room.

You don’t have to purchase all new furniture to add new pieces to your home. New-to-you and antique furniture are great ways to add quality, stylish pieces to your place. Consider the essential design features of your home, high ceilings, wooden cabinets, unique hardware on doors, or drawers. You can create a cohesive design by matching your new furniture to these features. Consider complementary colors, metals, or carvings that make everything flow together with ease.

If you do want to add some new furniture to your home, you may want to choose furniture you can assemble yourself to make it easier to get the pieces into your apartment. Multi-functional furniture is also an excellent space to add more storage to small spaces. Comfort often comes from knowing everything has its own space. Using furniture that helps you save space or has hidden storage can give you more room to be creative with other features and additions that speak to you.

When it comes to adding new features, you also want to make sure you are aware of what is allowed in your space. If you own your apartment or have the ability to remove features when you leave, you will have more freedom with the changes you make. In this case, you can consider switching out fixtures like lighting or adding fireclay sinks for a luxurious touch.

Start with a Clear Plan

Every redesign starts with a solid plan. Although you can sketch or draw out your new apartment designs, this may be difficult if you’re not the best visual artist. Fortunately, you can use technology to help you design a space you love.

Using digital tools will save you time and give you the most accurate idea of what adjustments you may want to make. There are endless combinations and choices available to enhance the appeal of your place. Therefore, having a plan will save you energy and help make the process fun instead of daunting. Here is a short checklist to use as you begin the process.

Once you have your list in hand, you can be more confident in your plans and approach your redesign methodically. Even when you have a place, things may not go exactly as planned. Be prepared to shift and adjust your ideas as you go. You may also decide to approach your refresh in phases, doing one each month or quarter. Living with a few changes for a month or so could change how you want to go about the other areas of your home.

Your Refreshed Apartment is Waiting to be Revealed

Whether adding DIY woodwork, new furniture, or artwork, to your space, there is one key element to remember—you are in control. The intention of giving your old apartment a fresh style is that it will feel more consistent with your personal preference. When you walk into your space, you can feel as though the space speaks to you and meets your needs.

The effort you put into your apartment’s new look will pay off for years to come when you are intentional, take your time, and prioritize what is important to you. Let your creativity and personality shine as you enliven your living space with these tips for a revitalized design and style.

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