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How to Style Your Guest House for Maximum Comfort

Having a guest home is an incredible luxury for homeowners as well as their friends and family members who visit. However, owning a guest home can feel like a bit of a headache when it comes to interior decoration and regular maintenance (not to mention the visitors who may overstay their welcome). Whether you plan to host your in-laws or you want to turn the space into a profitable source of Airbnb income, upgrading the exterior and interior can maximize the comfort level and curb appeal.

Styling your guest house means taking the time to make the space feel like a home away from home for any lucky guest who comes your way. With this helpful guide, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to create the ultimate living area.

Step 1: Pick a theme

A cohesive interior color scheme is the first step toward creating a space that feels warm and homey. Whether this begins with the wall paint or the design accents, choose a smart theme that is easy to work with and aesthetically pleasing. From the twin bedding sheets to the living room curtains, having a set color palette makes shopping far less complicated and far easier on the eyes.

In need of some inspiration? Consider these color schemes:

Step 2: Furnish smartly

A room with too much furniture can feel claustrophobic and cluttered, so being wise with your furnishing allows you to optimize the open space. A bedroom, living, and bathroom only need so many pieces to look and feel complete, so keep it to a minimum in order to allow your guests to move freely and feel at peace upon every entry and exit.

Step 3: Make the bed

The bedroom is a place meant for sound sleeping, so you shouldn’t feel bad about spending a little extra on a soft mattress, high-thread count sheets, and plush pillows. You’ll want your guests to get the best night’s sleep possible while staying in your company. As you make the comfiest bed a guest house has ever seen, remember to add pretty finishing touches like decorative pillows.

Step 4: Dress the windows

Natural light can be both a blessing and a curse. Between being ultra-bright in the morning and ultra-relaxing in the evening, your guests will appreciate the ability to control how much light is let in and the corresponding comfort. By dressing the guest house windows with sunlight-blocking curtains, you put the power of the sun in your guests’ hands.

Pro-tip: Got a color scheme in mind? Remember it when choosing the perfect drapes, blinds, or curtains.

Step 5: Set up the bathroom

The bathroom is a space for unparalleled relaxation and self-care, so it’s incredibly important to make sure that the bathroom is set up with all of the essentials your guests will need to freshen up and start their day. In order to achieve that spa-day feel, make sure your guest house is stocked up with the following items:

Step 6: Add a splash of green

Looking for an easy way to brighten up the room? Adding plants to the scene is a great method to bring a room to life while improving the indoor air quality. If you’re searching for easy-to-care-for greenery, consider these popular plants:

Step 8: Prepare the kitchen

The final step to making your guest home feel like a second home is stocking the kitchen with everything your visitors will need to create an at-home meal. There’s much more to cooking up breakfast, lunch, or dinner than the ingredients! The cabinets and drawers should contain the following essentials:

With these eight steps, you’ll turn a barren space into a warm, cozy home, perfect for any family, friend, or paying stranger!

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