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Home and Gardening DIY: Are You Ready for Summer 2019?

Summer is definitely the best time to beautify your home and do some DIY gardening projects. Since the weather is nice, you can stay outdoors for a long period of time and plant some fruits and vegetables. However, if you have enough plants in your garden, you can now focus on making some nice decorations or create useful tools to make gardening more fun and rewarding. If you’re ready for summer and can’t wait to do some nice crafts, here are some DIY ideas for a lovelier home and a more attractive garden.

Garden Mushrooms

Do you want to add some color and liveliness to your garden? Try this easy yet fun DIY gardening project. For these garden mushrooms, you’ll need some terra cotta pots in different sizes, drain plates, spray paint in various colors, white acrylic craft paint, spray sealer, round sponge, a small paintbrush and epoxy.

Photo by Leigh Love Design

Start by spray-painting the pots’ exterior and apply coats. Let them dry for one to two days. Next, use the sponge to make the dots of the mushrooms. You can use the waterproof sealer to coat all the surfaces you’ve painted. Assemble the mushrooms and place them in your garden.

DIY Birdhouse

There are many ways to make a birdhouse. You can use different materials depending on what style of birdhouse you want to create. You can make a natural birdhouse by using barks, moss, rocks and pinecones. If you want a modern birdhouse, any type of wood will do. Just be creative and use unusual decorations and bright paint colors. For a more unique approach, you can make a mosaic birdhouse using mosaic marble, tiles or dishware. Remember that making DIY projects is all about being creative and resourceful so don’t be scared to explore different options.

Photo by The Cousins

Personalized Patio Curtain

Do you want to add a little shade to your outdoor space? This personalized patio curtain will surely do the trick. You can use drop cloths to make a patio curtain but you may want to consider using a different type of cloth since drop cloths are made from cotton, making them susceptible to mold when wet. To be safe, you can use a special outdoor fabric for this DIY project.

Photo by Alan D. Holt, A.S.L.A., Landscape Architect

Personalized patio curtains can add a lot of beauty to your home and if you want to emphasize the design and uniqueness of your curtain, laser engraving is the way to go.

Outdoor Garden Chandelier

Who would have thought that you can make an elegant and magnificent chandelier out of a few materials? For this DIY chandelier, you’ll only need a wire basket, some lovely crystals and a few jam jars. Simply get your wire basket, hang the crystals from the top and base and twirl two glass strands across the bottom of the basket and presto! You can now have a stylish chandelier to hang in your patio. This project only takes an hour or less, so you can devote more time to other fun DIY home projects.

Photo by Stephanie Wallace & Associates

Coffee Bean Tea Lights

Coffee lovers or not, your guests will surely love this amazing coffee bean tea lights. The enticing aroma of the coffee beans is sure to soothe anyone who will stay in your patio or garden. This DIY home idea is definitely one of the easiest crafts you’ll ever make. Just get a scented tea light (vanilla is the best option), put it in a bowl chock-full of coffee beans and you can have some romantic and sweet-smelling tea lights to give some warmth to your house.

Photo by Katie Leede & Company Studio

Oversize Planter Pots and Tiki Torch

Want something playful yet romantic for your patio? Why not add a fun touch to your outdoor lighting and make good use of tiki torches? You can put them in oversized planter pots and light them up at night. This can be a really romantic spot that your family and friends will surely adore. On weekends, you can prepare a sumptuous meal for your family and enjoy the warmth coming from those playful torches. They are not just fun to look at at night but they can also bring an attractive sight during the day as the colorful flowers brighten your lovely patio.

Photo by Edmunds Studios Photography, Inc.

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