Ensure Safe Water Consumption in 9 Ways

Drinking water is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your body remains healthy and strong. And while you want to make sure that you are drinking your daily dose, the real question is if the water in your home is clean and safe for consumption? Making sure that there is no danger in your home’s water supply line will require research and the necessary tools and resources to pinpoint any water issues that need to be resolved. This article will show you 9 ways of how to do this.

Check The Pipes In Your Home

One of the first things that you will want to do as a parent trying to protect your family from unclean and unsafe water is to check your pipes. If your home was built prior to 1986, there is a good chance that you have lead. This can be dangerous as the lead from your pipes can contaminate your water supply line, while causing unforeseen future danger to your family. Drinking water with levels of lead poisoning can cause health issues, that can result in death.

Take Your Water To A Water Treatment Plant And Have It Tested

While this seems to be an extreme idea, there are many people who test their water each year. A professional can help you with this. You can take a sample of your water to a water treatment plant who often will test your water for free. Knowing the content of lead levels and other water contaminating impurities that can be unhealthy for your family will help you in knowing what next steps to take.

Boil Your Water Allowing The Heat To Destroy Any Impurities

If you want to ensure that your water is clean and safe for consumption, one of the best ways to do this is to boil your water. The heat from the fire will kill any germs and bacteria that are present. After cooling, all unclean particles will have been destroyed. You can then feel confident in knowing that your kids are drinking the safest water possible in your home.

Use A Water Filtration System

One of the best ways to ensure safe, clean water in your home is to have a water filtration system. There are two types that you can buy. These include: a countertop water filter which is portable and can be moved from sink to sink for fresh clean water in any area of your home or one that is permanently placed underneath your sink and is connected to your water line. Either way, the filter works to remove any impurities within your water, so that you and your family can rest assured that your home’s drinking water is the purest and cleanest it can possibly be. An article about home water filtration systems at homefixplanet shows some of the best ways to use our water filters for getting clean water for consumption in your home.

Buy Alkaline Drinking Water From The Supermarket

Another great way to ensure safe drinking water for your family is to buy alkaline water from the supermarket. This water has been tested and is proven to be free from any impurities or bacteria that could be harmful for your family. Buying drinking water has become more common in today’s society, because people know that this is the cleanest water for consumption.

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Drink Cold Water Only

If you are living in a home built prior to 1986 where you may have a high lead content levels, then begin the habit of drinking cold water only. When you have lead pipes, cold water has less of a chance for being lead contaminated. Drinking cold water will ensure that your family is drinking water that is safest for their consumption.

Lobby For Your Local Government To Remove All Lead Service Lines In Your Older Community

On a larger scale, if you are living in an older community prior to 1986, when building homes with lead pipes was prevalent, then you may want to lobby your community leaders to remove the pipes in your neighborhood. These pipes are poisonous, particularly once the lead gets into your drinking water supply. Poisonous water can only lead to danger for your family. Ask your mayor or congressman about removing lead based pipes in your area for safer water consumption.

Drink Your Local Spring Water

There are still some springs that are close by where you can find the purest water around. When you get water from a spring, it is coming from its natural habitat and has been untouched. There are no chemicals in this water which makes it safer for your family’s consumption. If you live near a spring, then getting this kind of water will probably work best for your family. Check your neighborhood community agencies to see if there are places in your town where you can get natural, fresh spring water. It is some of the freshest water that you will drink and has been proven by experts to be safer and healthier for your body.

Try Using The Colloidal Silver Technique To Remove Impurities

While this is an ancient technique that many people are not familiar with, it has been shown to give you and your family the clean, safe drinking water that you desire. Using a colloidal silver generator and distilled water, you can prepare gallons of safe drinking water for your family. Colloidal silver is an antibacterial agent that has been known to kill the microbes and germs found in unclean and unsafe water.

These are 9 great ways for ensuring safe, clean drinking water for your family. Remember that water helps every part of our body to function properly. You are made up mostly of water, so keeping it replenished must be an important part of your daily routine. As you use these ideas and tools for getting better drinking water in your home, remember that your family are the most important people in your world. Keeping them healthy and strong with fresh, clean, safe water is something that you should always have on your list of priorities.

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