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The Most Scenic Natural Springs in the World

After a long week at work or a rough day in general, the urge to sink into a nice hot bath and relax is fairly normal for most of us. Better yet, a nice hot spring would be to die for. While the option to jump into a beautiful natural spring isn’t something most of us have available, we can still dream, right? You always have a plan B of running a hot bath with your trusty bath water filter.

If you’ve been looking to take a vacation lately or just want something to fantasize about while you soak in the tub, imagining a gorgeous, scenic natural spring is definitely recommended. These natural wonders crop up all over the world and some are so gorgeous that they almost look like they belong on an entirely different planet. If you want some of the most scenic natural springs in the world, then we’ve got a great selection below.

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a massive natural hot spring located in Iceland. Dotted with natural waterfalls, baby blue water and a stunning view, millions of people travel across the world to experience this natural spring. The Blue Lagoon hosts a combination of sea water and freshwater, a mixture that helps promote the growth of silica and helpful microorganisms that many swear by for exfoliating their skin, reducing UV damage and generally promoting a sense of well-being. You can sit in the shallows or let one of the falls massage your back in this gorgeous spring, all while being surrounded by some of the most stunning, untouched natural beauty that Earth has to offer.

It should be noted that Iceland is absolutely abundant with gorgeous natural springs. While the Blue Lagoon is easily the most famous, you can also check out Viti Hot Spring, a natural volcanic hot spring that is actually not safe to swim in, but completely worth the view. There is also the Myvatn Nature Baths, where the water isn’t quite as hot but still absolutely enjoyable. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy the spring and sights. Lastly, there is Seljavallalaug, a spring that is formed from mountain water trickling down into a stunning valley. You can easily take your pick of any of these springs and be surrounded by otherworldly beauty.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Located in Banff National Park, Canada, the Banff Upper Hot Springs are truly a sight to behold. The spring is filled with minerals like magnesium and sodium, among many others, that visitors swear by for healing damaged skin and soothing aching muscles. It’s not hard to see why these springs were once considered a sacred healing site by the natives of the area centuries before. Not only is this spring good for you, the views are impressive. Sitting in these springs, you will be surrounded on all sides by lush forests and mountain caps that promote fresh air and clear, beautiful skies. You can’t get much more scenic than these springs.

Ma’in Hot Springs

You get the combined beauty of a natural spring and a waterfall at the Ma’in Hot Springs. Sequestered in a lovely little area, the waters pass through the Wadi Zarqa Ma’in Valley where they are passed through underground lava fissures. The heated water then erupts into waterfalls over a gorgeous cliffside of natural sediment (like the ones found in sediment water filters) and forms the basis of the springs. You can stand underneath the falls or simply rest in the perfectly heated water and let your mind wander freely.

La Gruta Hot Springs

You might know it, but there is a tradition that dates all the way back to the Aztecs when it comes to enjoying nature’s natural springs called balnearios. You don’t have to be an Aztec to enjoy this tradition at La Gruta Hot Springs. Located in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, La Gruta Hot Springs are mineral-rich thermal pools that both locals and tourists alike can enjoy. Slip into these sapphire blue waters among picturesque stone walls and you’ll feel like you’ve left Earth for a moment.


Translating to “cotton castle” in Turkish, Pamukkale is nothing short of gorgeous. Formed by carbonate minerals, these springs are sequestered into segmented terraces that flow through a stunning valley in Turkey. It is not only one of the most scenic natural springs in the world, but a wonder completely in its own right that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Peninsula Hot Springs

These natural springs are something of a ritzier experience than most others on this list but are still entirely worth it. Framed by Australia’s stunning natural beauty, the Peninsula Hot Springs are a mere 90 minutes from Melbourne and offer both private and public bathing experiences for those who want to test these rich, relaxing waters. There is also a bathhouse on site that offers several services aimed at relaxing visitors and promoting health. No matter how you choose to experience these springs, they are definitely an experience worth having.

Image by ThinkGeoEnergy via Flickr

The Grand Prismatic Spring

We can’t forget the United States on our list of scenic natural springs! Though the U.S. is dotted with them, the Grand Prismatic Spring tops most people’s lists for its sheer size and unique coloration. Like its name suggests, this spring has an odd rainbow coloration that is the result of pigmented bacteria in the water. The center is a stunning sapphire blue and, overall, the spring is the third largest in the entire world. Surrounded by the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Prismatic Spring is more than worth the time to view.

Shoshone Falls

Based in Idaho, these falls are actually about 50 feet higher than Niagara Falls and quite a spectacle to see. Located near the ironically named Twin Falls, these beautiful waterfalls are set off the Snake River and there are plenty of opportunities for tourists and explorers to get quite the view from them. Seasoned travelers recommend checking them out during the spring, where the recent rainfall is said to have them in full force.

Has reading about these natural wonders spurred your curiosity? Maybe added a thing or two to your bucket list? Good! While reading about them or looking at pictures is enough to get the mind going, there’s nothing like visiting and experiencing the springs in their full glory. Get planning today and make sure you take lots of pictures to show family, friends and coworkers!

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