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DIY Writing for your House Decoration

Are you planning to redecorate your current house or want to decorate a new one? Definitely, you will want a good and unique decorating idea you can use for your house decoration. There are lots of design out there but it is either there are expensive or too common. Here, we hope to explain how you can use writing to decorate your home professionally by yourself.

Home decoration itself is a fun and interesting activity. It gives you an opportunity to show and practice your imagination and skills to the fullest. A lot of people think writing decoration requires a lot of money and creativity; whereas, this is absolutely false. You can either go for a DIY writing from home for your house decoration or hire an experienced writer.

House decoration is like doing those things you love to do, such as embroidery and weaving. You can paste your handworks on your wall in a stylistic manner. In case you don’t know, the success of decoration is not in how heavy the décor is but how detailed small things can make a big difference.

Generally, all parts of your home that can be easily seen by a visitor, such as pillow case, bed sheet, chairs, table covers, and so on can be decorated. In this article, we will explain to you how you can use writing as a way of decorating your house.

Writing for your house decoration

Project it

The easiest way to write or put anything on the wall is to project it. So, get yourself an inexpensive projector and decide what you want to put on the wall. Is it a picture or word you are going for? So, decide that and choose your preferred wall writing font. The font is really important as it can make a big difference.

Font style

You may opt for something fancy or colorful. Regardless of the word you choose to write, keep it short and simple. This makes it neat and better. Otherwise, if there are a lot of words on the wall or words written in bigger fonts, it may disfigure the entire wall structure.

Trace out the words

Next, take out your pencil and draw out the projected words on the wall. Do this carefully and make sure you get the lines correctly. Also, make sure you don’t block the rays of the projector. Note that once you turn the projector off, you may not get the exact position of the initial reflection again. So, make sure you trace it out correctly. After you are done, go back and check over again to be sure you captured all necessary points.

Fill it

Once you are done with the tracing, turn the projector off and proceed to the filling stage. Filling is the process of applying paint/color to the area you already traced out with your pencil. If you have texture on your wall, then you may have to go over this step over and over again until every part is equally filled. However, you should not allow the wall to tell you what you are going to do. You can use a permanent marker to fill what you have traced out. Make it deep and rich as possible.

Use paints

If you want to make it looks professional, you can use a semi-gloss paint or any other paint type you desire. However, make sure it is one that shines a little and catchy. Also, make sure every part is painted equally and check for uniformity. If you want to use a combination of colors, you can also do that but in a professional way.

Allow the painting work to cool and dry and you are done! Pretty amazing huh?


Writing as a form of house decoration and design is becoming popular in the recent years. Many people are turning to this because it provides a cheap and affordable way to easily customize and add value to your house. This technique can also be used to customize your other household materials, such as mugs, furniture, and electronics.

However, if you are planning to use writing for your house decoration, make sure you plan it very well. First, make the design and print it out. You can also check through WriteMyPaper123 or other online directories for samples and styles. We hope this piece will help you a lot.

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