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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Repair: Simpler than You Thought

Kitchen cabinets are used every day almost non-stop and all the opening and closing will cause them to vary and that is normal. Most of the repairs that your cabinets need are fairly inexpensive, but most of them you can do yourself and here is how.

Replace Your Worn-Out Drawer Slides

If you feel like your cabinet drawers are not sliding as they should be it is time to replace them. All you need to do is purchase the same sliders as your old ones and swap them out. You will need to have a screwdriver and the job will be done in half an hour or even less.

Silence Banging Doors with Bumpers

There is no more annoying sound than doors and drawers benign as you close them. That is why most of them have numbers on the interior so the noise is reduced. But with time those bumpers peel off so you need to get new ones. You can choose many different kinds such as clear or felt ones. All you need to do is peel the back and stick them in place.

Renew Their Shine

All the grease splatters as well as water and oil evaporation will leave a film of debris on your cabinets as well as cause the finish on them to get dull over time. Even though you can wash them and clean the wood, you will need to new their shine after some time. After you have cleaned them properly all you need is a wood stain to refinish your cabinets and make them shiny again. It is a great simple kitchen upgrade that anyone can do.

Replace Any Bad Latches

If your cabinets are older, the chance that the latches are not working properly is big. There is nothing more irritating than cabinet doors that aren’t closed all the way. In order to fix that you will need to get new latches and install them or try fixing ones you already have. To fix them you will need to loosen the screws on its side and let them slide into place and then tighten them up.

Replace Your Cabinet Doors

If refinishing your cabinet door doesn’t satisfy your needs, there is one more route you can take. All you will need is a glass replacement also known as an acrylic sheet. They are a much better option when you are installing it on your own as glass is really fragile. All you will need to do is bead on the silicone and insert the acrylic sheets in place. Make sure that you let it dry for at least 30 minutes with some weight on it so it stays in place. Another reason why acrylic sheets are better is because they come in many different colours that will match your kitchen and make it look more customised.

But if that is not your cup of tea, you can try taking off your cabinet doors and make open shelving. It is a great way to make your kitchen more modern without having to spend a lot of money or buy new cabinets.

Repairing Any Scratches

You might be asking yourself is it worth it to change out a whole cabinet just because it has a couple of scratches on it. And the answer is no, it is not. All you need to do is get a touch-up kit from your local hardware store and you are all set. When you are repairing scratches, you will need to concentrate on the job so it looks as good as new. Make sure that you are brushing the product in the direction of the grain and then wiping it with a soft rag to make sure all the access product is off. Something that will make it or break it is the colour that you choose, so be careful when you are picking out your colour. If you are facing deeper scratches you will need to fill them first and then touch up the colour.

As you can see, repairing your kitchen cabinets on your own isn’t that hard. All you need to do is be patient and take it slow. If at any time you feel that you are not consistent in your skills, it is better to consult with a professional than hurt yourself.

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