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5 Home Upgrades You Never Knew You Needed

A well-maintained home entails some renovations and changes, especially if you bought it from the old owner or it’s been there for too long. You don’t want it to look the same as before because styles and features may not be your preference. Even if you do like the house’s old design, there are changes you can make without the need to hire professionals.

DIY House Upgrades

Doing renovations yourself is the current trend nowadays to make your home more personalized. Although there are upsides and downsides to having a DIY, you can still be successful by following proper procedures.

Here are some changes your house may need:

1. Staircase

One of the most ignored home upgrades is the staircase, although it’s the most utilized area in the house as people walk past it every day.

Depending on your home’s overall design, you may want to modify it by turning it into metal pan stairs. You can also make simple changes to enhance its aesthetics as well as its utility.

Here are some ways to increase your stairway’s appeal:

Install A Dramatic Light Fixture

Adding dramatic lighting doesn’t only provide function but flair as well. Depending on the color, it can highlight the design of your staircase. Take note of the house’s style as well since these are factors that determine the tone and design of the staircase.

Lay Down An Engaging Runner

A runner is a carpet you can design to provide style and elegance. It doesn’t cover the whole staircase, but it contrasts the design or material used in the stairs. It’s important to remember you must carefully place the runners to avoid accidents.

Incorporate Storage

Below the stairs is premium space most houses should maximize. If you haven’t yet, it’d be practical to do so.

Though the underside’s unique shape makes it an awkward place for a storage room, it still does its job. You could try attaching shelves to provide an appealing look. Besides, it’s an excellent area for safekeeping objects fitted to the available height and width.

2. Paint The Walls

Another essential upgrade you may need is to coat your walls. The house may be old, making your paint faded or the color out of style. Whatever the case, you can repaint or give it a few touchups.

You can always hire a professional, but the fees and labor costs could be expensive depending on the contractor. Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment from doing it yourself is much more gratifying.

With labor aside, you still need to decide on the design and color. Try to make it neutral as it’s a color that can add value to your home, should you opt to sell it in the future.

3. Add Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to your house’s floor or ceiling is also one of the upgrades you may need. This is a simple job, but it comes with many benefits as it adds extra protection to the walls and ceiling, providing class and style to your house.

You might think a crown molding job can be tedious, but if you invest in quality materials, it’d last for a long time. Look for lightweight polystyrene foam-coated molding to allow you to adjust each cut using a handsaw.

4. Enhance The Entryway

You can add more appeal to your entryway by purchasing new furniture and vases. Also, changing the rug will provide a homier feel. Just make sure the area doesn’t look cramped.

The best upgrade you can do with little work is to install a mudroom. If you attach hooks and a bench, your guest would clean their shoes before entering your home, making your entryway more useful.

5. Kitchen Upgrade

Everyone wants to renovate their kitchen into their dream design. However, the cost of doing so is not always in the budget. There’s a good chance you don’t have extra time for a kitchen renovation as well.

This is why it’s best to stick to simple upgrades. Even minor changes can make your kitchen better. Start with paintwork and better appliances.

These simple upgrades can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Besides, there are other changes you can make with simple arrangements and addons:

Open Sight Lines

The more open your kitchen is, the better it looks. You can do this by providing natural light to the kitchen. Remove appliances and kitchen equipment by the windows. Doing this will increase the amount of natural light coming in.

If there’s a cabinet blocking the light, you may need to move it. Furthermore, clear your kitchen countertop, organize items and appliances, and provide a more open feel to the kitchen.

Add Staggered Counter Depths And Heights

Different countertop heights allow more function in the kitchen. With multiple countertops for a variety of uses, it’d provide a better appearance to the kitchen.

You can attach small shelves to add storage while doubling as a bookshelf for your cookbooks. You can also use the main countertop for preparing food or for staging your big dinner.

Besides, you can make the high counters as breakfast tables or bar stools, depending on your preference. You can also use it as a coffee table for you to work on.

Charging Station

In this day and age, all portions of the house must have sockets and charging stations because everyone regularly uses their gadgets. A charging station in the kitchen allows you to have your phone while working or eating. Choose an area of the kitchen that’s accessible and one that stays dry all the time.


You can use these methods and tips to start your home upgrades gradually. Along the way, you can also discover what your home needs. With the experience in doing it yourself, you can gauge how much budget you’ll need for more significant projects.

These changes might be little, but the impact will be huge for your family and visitors. Doing home upgrades would mean you’re a responsible homeowner. See to it that your house is in its best condition.

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