Designing a Dream Home – 6 Things to Consider When Building a House on Your Land

You bought some land and are ready to build your dream home, but where do you start? There is a lot that goes into building a house when you own land, and there are multiple factors to take into account when constructing your dream home that you need to consider. Long before you even get close to breaking ground, you are going to need to take the time to carefully consider each and every element of your new home, from positioning to privacy and from conception to design.

Here are six things you need to consider when building a house on your own land.


One of the top considerations to take into account when building your dream home is the terrain of the area. Do you have rocky land that is hard to dig through? Is your land sandy where you have to worry about sinking? Do you have proper drainage so you avoid water-trapped areas that can lead to mould and mosquitoes?

These are all issues you need to take into account when looking at the perfect parcel of land to build your dream house. It is critical to investigate a proper and professional home builder such as Wisdom Homes who will take the terrain of your land as a concern and give you a perfect finished product.


Similar to the terrain of the land is the elevation of the land.

Will you be sitting on the side of a mountain? Alternatively, are you located down by the beach where you need to worry about storms and flooding? These are also important considerations to take into account when you start to build your home. You want your dream home to be both safe and secure for you and your family.


Another critical point when thinking about building a house on your land is how close your neighbours will be. Do you have privacy concerns? What are the easement laws in your area? You want to make sure that you follow all easement laws as required to avoid having a nosy neighbour in your business at all times.


What is the weather like in the area you will be living? Do you get good sun coverage where you can place solar panels on your home? This is a great option to be eco-friendly while also keeping electricity costs down. You also need to know where to place windows and the front door to receive the least amount of damage from storms that may come rolling through.

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If your property is in an area with a cold climate that usually experiences harsh winters, make sure that your house has weather-appropriate features. For example, a gable roof will help you avoid collecting dangerous amounts of snowfall, which can damage your roof. It’s also a must to have covered entrances, flat and wide walkaways, radiant heat, and airtight windows.

For a hot weather area, make sure to install roof vents, add insulation, consider pavers, and choose a lighter roof. Take advantage of the benefits of thermal mass. Build your house with heavy, thick materials like concrete slabs to keep your home comfortably cool. It pays to inquire your home builder about the best material for your home so it will perfectly match the weather in the area.

Sun Placement

Another interesting measure to look at when thinking about home building on your land is where the sun will rise and set in direct comparison to your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the sunset every evening with a refreshing beverage in hand?

If you are more of an early bird, watching the sunrise in the morning would also be a splendid sight. Make sure to consider where the sun will be positioned when building your house, as you do not want the early morning sun in your eyes when you are trying to sleep!


Lastly, the size of your home is a huge factor to take into consideration.

How large of a home do you want to build? Where will you be building and how difficult is it to retrieve materials? What is the dollar per square foot, as cost and finances can be a significant factor when building a new home on your land? Discuss any concerns about size and price with your home builder.

Choose The Best Contractor For Your Dream Home

Where can you search for the best contractors when building your home? With the advancement of technology, you can search for contractors online, such as on HomeAdvisor, which will connect you to different contractors in your locality. Review each company’s profile, rates, and services to determine the best one for you.

Also, you’ll find relevant reviews based on the testimonials of verified users or user ratings via online platforms. Get all the relevant details of the contractor, including the phone number, email address, and business address. You also have a chance to take a look at each contactor’s website for more in-depth information.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Whether you are concerned about the terrain, elevation, weather, privacy, size, or other factors regarding the home, you can rest assured that a reliable home builder can help make your dreams come a reality. Put your mind at ease and take our advice to build the perfect dream home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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