Custom Made Curtains are the best Interior for your Home

When it comes to beautification of a space, be it residential or a commercial office space, everyone desires to hues and patterns which are custom made. Customization is widely in vogue in an array of domains be it floor, ceiling, walls, furniture and curtains as well. Custom made curtains is what individuals, these days, prefer to have, as the texture, the prints the hues and patterns along with the frills, puffs and fleece can be reflected in your individuality and unique sense of personality in your belongings.

Individuals choose from a variety of pre-conceived templates, while opting for custom tailored curtains. From having it sober for the dining, matte for the living room, colorful for the kids and generally soothing for a bedroom, there are multiple patterns to experiment with. But every custom designed curtain has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Problems to be avoided during specification of customization:

  • If the measurements are somehow improper, the wrong lengths of fabrics are cut and stitched that ultimately leads to a mess to flesh out the stretch of custom made curtains.
  • The fabrics being light or heavy are not mentioned at times that leads to inconvenience later
  • The installation of frills and drapes are difficult to manage and hence, designers face a colossal challenge to strike a balance between the basic curtain fabric orientation and the drape-frill designs to be stitched.

Things to be considered before selection of the hues and fabrics:

Color contrast is the basic thought when it comes to coordinating a curtain shade with the colors of the wall and the floor or ceiling. A prior planning is of utmost importance as the customer needs to be clear in head what exactly do, they want; any cross road might lead to a bad decision which might cause a misfit or a hue contrast malfunction.

  • A curtain must not be stitched out of too heavy a fabric; otherwise washing and drying becomes really inconvenient
  • Matte, monochromatic shades are generally selected for office spaces and other commercial, corporate and formal arenas
  • One must choose a very vibrant, vivacious, bubbly colour when it comes to a kids’ room.
  • While selection of curtains, the window and door pane measurements must be kept in mind.
  • Colour blocking is widely in vogue when it comes to custom made curtains and hence, matching the curtains with the cushion covers, the furniture cover colours, the bed sheet or the sofa gives the space a different and unique aesthetic touch.

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The pros of getting Custom Made Curtains customized:

Definitely, the first advantage in custom made curtains is having an array of options which is quite limited in case of ready to hang curtains available in the market.

The installation mechanism can be personalized as well:

  • be it a hook system upon a rod and hanger
  • A button binding around the curtain pelmet rod.

One can talk to the curtain designer and have a talk regarding the color, shades, pattern, prints and fabrics. A consultation might conceive of advices and ideas that can help in getting the curtains stitched and installed.

Custom made curtains are generally a bit pricey and hence, the affordability must be kept in mind. Customization of curtains revolve around our expression of styling sense and the way we can innovate and recreate the ambience, the interior atmosphere of a space, be it residential or a commercial space. Custom made curtains can add to the décor and have an impact on the visitor. A healthy and positively looking environment is essentially important in impressing an individual and that can be achieved by using custom made curtains

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