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Decorative Acoustic Ceilings that Impress

These days, be it your home or your workplace, you need a beautifully designed, comfortable space. The interiors as well as the exteriors should be decorative and attractive. Generally, ceilings were the most ignored space of a home or an office building. But a beautiful ceiling makes the entire space come alive. The ceiling can be decorated with various options and colours to make it look beautiful. Not just decorative, but ceilings can also provide great acoustics in a building.

To make the ceiling sound proof, acoustic ceiling tiles are mounted on the ceilings. These ceiling tiles are meant to absorb the excess sound in the room. They balance the sound and reduce any excess noise in the room. The ceiling tiles are available in a variety of designs, sizes and styles and are suitable for all types of residential and commercial premises. Recently many decorative options have also become available in ceiling tiles and the customer has a wide range of options to choose for. Acoustic ceiling tiles can be installed either directly on the ceiling wall or they can be suspended at a certain height from the ceiling.

Photo by Douglas Design Studio

Acoustic ceiling tiles are manufactured using the finest quality of materials like fibre glass, polyester, wood and acoustic foams. Acoustic foam is placed between the two layers of the tile to allow better noise absorption. The outer layers of the tiles are made of high-density fibre glass and polyester. Manufacturing is done using advanced production processes and tools. High quality and work standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. The finished tile holds high sound insulation value, resistant to loads and impacts. Post manufacturing, the tiles are embellished with designs and lighting options.

Photo by Max Crosby Construction

There is wide range of acoustic ceiling tiles available for various applications. For a ceiling in a house, design options like eco-friendly acoustic tiles, higher absorbing finished tiles are a good option. There are also moisture resistant acoustic tiles available for places where high humidity is an issue. Such tiles work best even in humid places and provide resistant against sound and moisture. For more attractive ceilings, wooden and shiny metal finished acoustic tiles are preferred.

Photo by DIN Interiorismo

These tiles are usually installed at restaurants, banquet halls and houses. For places like hospitals and other institutions where sound should be kept at a minimum, higher sound absorption ceiling tiles should be installed. Sound blocking ceiling tiles are mostly installed at theatres and home theatres where the interior sounds should not be transferred outside. Even in industries where high noise producing machineries are used, one should install sound blocking tiles.

Photo by Lionsgate Design Inc

Sound diffusing tiles are installed where conferences, meeting or presentations are carried out. Sound diffusing tiles scatter the sound that hits the surface of the tile and disperses it in different directions, reducing the intensity of sound and enhancing the clarity of sound for better listening. The shape of such tiles is convex and concave type. These tiles do not absorb much sound and they are different from regular acoustic tiles. Various types of designs can be created on ceiling tiles, depending upon their application.

Photo by Steele Associates

Decorative lights can also be placed between acoustic tiles.  3D colours and stickers can also be used on acoustic tiles which improves their overall appearance. Not only better sound absorption, but these acoustic ceiling tiles also add to the appearance of the place where they are installed. For such a specialised task and to get an impeccable finish, it is best to employ professionals who have the expertise and the experience in installing acoustic seiling tiles.

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