How to Create an Elegant Living Room Décor on a Budget

While most of us would like nothing more than to own a million-dollar signature living room, the truth is that, more than often, we have to settle for a small budget and can’t quite afford it.

Or maybe, their kids aren’t quite grown up yet (my neighbor’s walls are full of Dora the Explorer crayon drawings). Worry not, for you can get that glorious designer look without necessarily denting your pocket.

1) Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a great way of giving your living room that sophisticated and classy look. When coupled with two leather chairs facing the mantle at an angle, this décor enhancement will give your lounge an air of wisdom and enrichment. There are many types of fireplaces you can install, ranging from the traditional open hearth to wooden stoves.

Guides and tips on choosing an energy-efficient electric fireplace that will not leave a dent in your pocket are your best companion in your thrifty décor journey. For a more rustic note, think about adding a faux bear or sheepskin rug in front of your new fireplace mantle. That way, you’ll be able to enhance the appearance of your living room, by blending sophistication with traditionalism.

2) Window Accessories

As with all rooms, windows are important parts of your living space as they are the main source of light. A well-lit room looks more welcoming and airy, and that’s the look you should always strive for. There are several ways you can customize your windows and have them looking dashing. The first way is by choosing the correct window curtains.

Sheers are good as they are light, transparent, and let a lot of light into the room. However, you should only stick to elegant materials such as silk, cotton, and linen. You should also check the quality of the sheers as flimsy and untrimmed material will make your lounge look cheap.

Another way to go is to use shades and blinds if you do not like draperies. Bamboo and wood are very good choices. They will look elegant and expensive in your lounge, although you can purchase them quite cheaply.

When the correct window accessories are coupled with the appropriate lighting methods, the results can be amazing. Whether way you decide to pick blinds or draperies, always make sure to dress your windows well as they are important aspects in making your lounge look elegant.

3) Hardware Finishes

This is another important deciding factor in whether your living area will look elegant and expensive or cheap and trashy. Do not buy hardware finishes such as cheap brass doorknobs or coated drawer handles as this will lessen the elegance factor in your lounge. Imagine the drawer knob falling off when a guest is opening it!

Instead, look for unique hardware finishes in flea markets or antique stores. With a little touching up, these hardware finishes will leave your lounge looking dashing. Another tip would be to sacrifice a few extra dollars for a durable set of finishes rather than buying cheap ones as they have short terms of service and you will end up spending more during replacement.

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4) Art

This is another way of making your living space look all posh and elegant. A sure-fire way is to hang a huge painting on one wall. Needless to say, the painting should be a good one. This will definitely have a high impact on observers as the painting will become the center of attraction. This is an affordable and effortless way to make your lounge look classy as you can find good paintings at flea markets or amateur painting exhibitions.

Another way of using art is by adding a unique element that will break the monotony of the look of your lounge. Pieces with interesting shapes and unique feels are great ideas. These can be simple items such as tree-root coffee tables or Persian rugs with bold patterns. So, you just need to hang a painting, sit back and answer questions while looking all sophisticated.

5) Less is better

These are the age-old words of wisdom that every interior designer will mutter. Do not overdo when trying to decorate your living room by putting too many decorations everywhere as this will only leave it looking cluttered and messy. The easiest way to make your lounge look elegant is by keeping your decoration style simple. This will leave the room looking effortlessly classy.

6) Include an Item with History

This is an easy way of having visitors connect with your room as they will ask questions about the rather old piece of furniture or any other ancient item that is present. Having an item with a history in your living room is a great way of making it look even more elegant as it will point out your unique taste and sentimentalism.

It might be a bold old painting by an obscure artist, or an antique footstool bought while on a trip to Rome. Whichever the piece, the history attached to it will work wonders for your lounge. Ah, the tale of the katana that may or may not have been used to rescue a princess. Classic.

7) Pillows

Pillows are such a subtle way of adding that posh look to your living area. They display a sense of comfort and give a layer of coziness to your lounge as your couches will not be bare. When it comes to pillows, size always matters.

Instead of buying the regular three small pillows per couch, you should buy larger ones that are well stuffed and fluffy. These larger pillows will create an elegant look in your lounge. Plus, they are much better to hold while watching a movie.

The advantage of this neat trick is that pillows are inexpensive additions to your couches and the fact that they add a comfortable feel to your lounge.


These tips will help in making the room look elegant even when on a budget. The use of one or a couple of them will definitely bring in the desired changes that you have always hoped for.

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