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How to Add Mood Lighting in Your Living Room and Dining Area

How does a nice, colorful light sound for adding atmosphere to the home? You don’t think it possible? Well, you have poor imagination. Think about any room and picture it in a different light. Imagine a date under the passionate red light or watching a movie under a blue-green mild lighting to make you feel like you are at the cinema. Mood lighting can be achieved with any type of lamp, including table lamps, wall lights, hanging lights and picture lights. Adding mood lighting to your living room or dining area can add a touch of personality and charm to your home.

Having an assortment of different lighting styles available in your living room will allow you to change the mood lighting for different occasions. Place table lamps on end tables, add recessed lighting, maybe a floor lamp in a corner and sconces on the walls. Adding a dimmer to some lights will allow you even more control of the mood in your living room. On date night, create a quiet, cozy feel by dimming the light a bit. Or, turn off all the lights except one small sconce that lets off a nice, soft light. For a movie night, dim them most of the way. This way it is dark enough to watch the movie, but light enough for people to get around to make a trip to the kitchen for more popcorn. For a game night, turn them on all the way to brighten the room. It is amazing how the lighting in your living room can control the atmosphere.

So do not think too much about whether to use your old lamps. Simply dump them in the rubbish disposal pile and go out to look for alternatives. Rubbish collections and clearance of other people’s garage sales will probably have better options than a standard and boring light bulb.

Mood lighting works just as well in the dining area. If you are aiming for an intimate, quiet dinner for two, you can light candles on the table or dim the lights. For a large dinner party, turn on the lights of a bright chandelier. This will add character to the room and brighten the moods of your guests.

You can find interesting lamps almost anywhere. Lighting can be expensive, but knowing where to shop when you are low on cash but need a change in decor will allow you to this on a budget. Shopping at property clearance sales or yard sales is a good place to start. Often, during house clearance when people are getting rid of junk collections they will donate almost new items to thrift stores. That is your new goal after doing your own home clearance.

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