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Attractive and Durable Flooring Ideas for the High-Traffic Areas in Your Home

Entryways, hallways, and other high-traffic areas of the home take a beating everyday. From the thousands of steps taken on their floors to the bumps and thumps the walls are subjected to, these areas of the home see more wear and tear than any other space in the home. It makes sense to want to install a more durable flooring in these areas that can stand up to the extra traffic they see. But you also want that flooring to be attractive. Here are four flooring options that are as attractive as they are durable.


Hardwood is durable, long-lasting, and hypoallergenic. It does require some care, including cleaning up spills right away because it’s not water-resistant. Despite its durability, it is susceptible to scratching, so you will need to sand and refinish it over the years, but that does make it easier to repair damage. As long as you properly clean and maintain your hardwood floors, they can last decades. Hardwood floors add a unique combination of natural beauty and elegant sophistication to your home.

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Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are non-man-made tiles straight from nature. This is a broad category that covers a variety of specific stones including marble, travertine, sandstone, granite, limestone, and slate. Natural stone tiles tend to be fairly easy to clean, though they do require occasional resealing to maintain their water resistance. They look beautiful brand new immediately after installation, and that beauty only continues over the years.

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is another option. This is man-made tile created from kiln-fired clay. It is a little less durable than stone tiles, but not much less. You can get it glazed, which makes it water-resistant, or unglazed, which leaves it open to easily absorb stains and liquids. If you get unglazed, you’ll want to finish it with a sealer as soon as it’s installed to avoid stains or moisture being absorbed by the tile. However, when it’s sealed, it can withstand most wear and tear that it will face on a daily basis.

Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors


Concrete can be a great flooring option for a high-traffic area. While you might initially think it’s too industrial and harsh, it actually comes in a number of finishes for both texture and color, so you can make it fit your home easily. Concrete is extremely tough and durable and will last a lifetime when installed properly. It’s resistant to scratches and scuff marks and will also withstand having heavy items dropped on it. It does require frequent waxing and sealing and needs to be protected from water, however.

Photo by Cornerstone Architects

Choosing the right flooring for your home’s high-traffic areas can be difficult. You want something that will stand up to the traffic, not require a ton of maintenance, and still look beautiful while blending with the rest of your home’s style. Consider your options carefully so that this investment is one you can look at with pride for years to come.

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