8 Ways to Furnish your Home on a Budget without Compromising on Style

Becoming independent and living on your own is a great milestone in people’s life. It doesn’t have to be a grand villa you’re moving into, even a two-room apartment is enough to create the feelings of excitement and accomplishment. The next step is to turn your new home into a space you’ll want to live in by furnishing it.

Now, when it comes to furnishing, we all want looks worthy of being exhibited in a home décor trade show display. Unfortunately, the budget is going to be tight, right after paying down payment, mortgage, insurance, etc. But don’t give up just yet. There are certain ways you can furnishing your new home without compromising on the style. Here’s a few of them.

Set a Clear Budget

The first thing to do is to set a clear budget. Don’t go overboard. Even if you want to furnish your house as quickly as possible, try to limit your purchases. Most people might try to get a loan in order to furnish their new home to satisfaction. But that will cost you in the long run. After paying for the rent, installment and other necessary expenses, see how much you’ve left. That’s the money you should use to furnish your home.

List your Priorities

It is a difficult task to buy everything you need for your house in one go. And when you’re on a tight budget, it becomes pretty much impossible. That’s why, expert’s advice you to list down your priorities. What you need the most goes on top of the list. For example, a queen size bed in the bedroom, a good set of sofas and couches for the living room, a few appliances for the kitchen, etc.

Take time to Plan Things Out

If you’ve already stared living in your new home, you might want to fill it up immediately. But it’s better to wait and plan things out. On the internet and in magazine pictures, all pieces of furniture look desirable because they were planned according to a theme. If you buy them thinking they’ll look exactly good in your house, then you’re wrong. Take a moment to envision your surroundings. What color palate comes to your mind? Does your ideal room look vintage or contemporary? Look for furniture that fits your ideals.

Consider Second-Hand Furniture

Second hand or used furnishings are great, especially when you’re on a budget. However, they are tricky. If you don’t want to spend more money in the long run, then you’ll need to pay special attention when buying used furniture. Look for a sturdy foundation instead of outer appearance. If the wood is strong and in fine condition, buy the piece. You can always refurbish things to your liking later.

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Check out Season Clearance Sales

The things you cannot buy second hand, such as mattress, sofas, pillows, curtains and electronic appliances, buy them brand new at the clearance sale. All brands and stores hold end season sales to get rid of the old stock. These are extremely cheap but high quality. Not to mention, their chic look will fit the modern style. For someone who’s trying to furnish a home on a budget, this is one thing you cannot forget to do.

Go for Statement Pieces

It might take a few months for the look in your new home to come together. That’s why buying furniture that’s eye catching should be your goal. Not only these statement pieces will fill up the space, but they’re also very easy to complement. You only need light and smaller furnishings to go with them. Make sure you don’t have too many statement pieces in your house. It’ll have the opposite effect and make your house look cluttered.

Buy Multi-purpose Furniture

An easy way to cut back on the cost of furnishing a whole house is to buy multi-purpose furniture. For example, a bed that can be folded into a couch or coffee tables that can also serve as stoles, etc. Furniture with multiple uses is great if you have a small house as it takes up less space.

DIY to add Personality

Lastly, in order for your new house to reflect your personality, do some DIY projects. Decorating the walls with things you love or displaying memorabilia is a good start. But more importantly, DIY your furniture to make it work for you. Look for IKEA hacks on the internet. You’ll learn some good tips about getting the most out of your new furniture and living space.

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