8 Items to Pack for A Successful Business Trip

The way you look and present yourself matters in the business world. If you want your colleagues, superiors, and business partners to take you seriously, you need to look the part. According to studies, around 40% of employers will promote you if you always look professional.

If that does not get you motivated to revamp your wardrobe, then you need to set your priorities right. But if you have decided that now is the time to change up your clothes a bit, you are on the right page then.

In this article, you will find out the essentials that let you make a positive, lasting impression at your office. If you are not dressing to impress, you are probably losing money. Fix that right away by including these pieces in your business wardrobe.


All the men who dominated the business world have a suit, and so should you. Consider getting a custom suit to include in your wardrobe. It is going to be a little more costly than one off the rack, but it can surely make you feel and look like the boss.

If you can, get several suits to rotate. You are going to need it whenever you handle business – attending job interviews, making presentations, going on meetings, and more. The good thing is that a suit never goes out of style, so it is an excellent investment.


Ties are the one that completes your look, so you really need to get a few. In that regard, you need ties that will look great with your dress shirts and suit. It is a great thing ties come in a wide range of patterns and sizes. But make sure you don’t go for a tie that gives off the wrong impression.

Dress Shirts

It works if you only have one suit, but your business wardrobe needs more than one dress shirts. Get shirts that are custom made for you, which means they will fit your body type perfectly. If you can’t, at least find shirts that still fit you well enough and in varying colors.

Get basic white, blue, yellow shirts or other colors, just those capable of capturing the look you want to go for the day. By having plenty of dress shirts, it will be easy for you to mix and match them for different looks even if you only have one suit.

Oxford Shoes

A lot of men spend a lot on buying the best dress shirts, suits, and ties. But they often end up forgetting the shoes to complete their look. Invest in a good pair of Oxford men’s shoes or wingtip shoes as an alternative. Whichever you purchase, it is vital to keep them shiny and well-maintained.

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Men don’t always consider socks when thinking about how to look impeccable. But they are as important than suits or ties in your wardrobe. They come in a wide range of styles and colors. With the right socks, you can show off a bit of personality or put together down to the last detail.


Apart from the shoes, your timepiece is one of the things people will notice first about you. In that case, you should buy a watch that will always go with your workwear. It must be stylish and sleek, also not a sports watch. Get a classy piece like a chain watch or a leather one to match your suit.

Man Bag

Man bags are a must if you want to look professional all the time. Your look will be incomplete without a practical, stylish bag. On that note, it is a nice investment to purchase a high-quality bag that can hold everything you need both for work and travel.

Cuff Links

A lot of men do not think that cufflinks are very useful. But if you want to look good and professional, you need a pair of them. They are great accessories that can make you look stylish enough when worn both on suits and shirts.

Always Be Prepared All the Time

It is not enough to have these pieces in your business wardrobe at home. You never know when you be called for a presentation or a meeting with a client. Thus, it always makes it important to be prepared for unexpected things.

On that note, it is great to keep a few of the pieces of clothing mentioned above in the office. It is a must to have a clean, crisp white dress shirt, which can coordinate with just about everything. However, do make sure they fit and compliment your body well.

When choosing the right business wardrobe essentials, keep it simple and plain. You know that the office is not a place for fashion. It is where you want to stand out and make a name for yourself. Avoid loud colors, patterns, or patterns – keep simple wardrobe essentials and keep them on hand.

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