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Handmade Collection of 13 Wonderful Bags

In this post you can find some great handmade collection of great bags. Thanks to Daisy and Ozric, that recycle old leathers and create new awesome bags. You can find more informations about them on their webpage: where you can also order some bag if you want. You can also check their facebook profile. Here you see some of their awesome crafts. For more you can go to their webpage and check it. Hope you like it.

These sacks are produced out of reused and plant offcut cowhide that may have overall been squandered, which is the reason each one pack is special in completion and colour.

Our offcut packs have less effect on nature’s turf, decrease waste and help make work in the creating scene.

No two packs are the same colours so please contact us to ask for particular colour inclination, generally a colour will be picked at arbitrary.

Colour leather bags

Goat leather bags

Natural goat calfskin sacks handcrafted in the renowned worldwide cowhide state of Rajasthan by our chose artisans and their families. Regularly tanned in daylight (no dreadful chemicals) and completed with a regular oil.

They are solid (twofold sewed, bolted and lined with canvas), waterproofed (the oil seals the calfskin) ecologically well disposed (no mass handled bovine shroud) every one is extraordinary and will keep going you a lifetime.

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