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7 Multifunctional Furniture Pieces for Your New Home

A lot of interior designs offer great spatial solutions for any home size. Homeowners can choose among various furniture styles, but mainly the focus is on the visual appeal and commodity of the pieces. However, we often forget that our homes are a constant work in progress. Your needs and demands will change in time. So, having smart furniture choices when buying a house will save you from additional investments in the future. For those who don’t know where to start looking, here are 7 multifunctional furniture pieces for your new home that are game-changers.

Pull-out sofa

Big or small, every room benefits from having alternative sleeping options. Sofas and couches are typically centerpieces of a room. Thus, they need to be chosen carefully. Not only do they have to be visually appealing, but comfortable as well. Add a pull-out option to those qualities, and you will probably have the most important furniture piece of the house. Cozy pull-out sofas and couches might cost a few dollars more than regular ones, but they sure come in handy when having guests over. With the additional sleeping option, you can turn your guest room into a home office, gym, video game room, or anything else you want.

Drop leaf table

When it comes to limited spaces, saving as many millimeters as possible matters. That’s why furniture designers have found a way to make big and necessary living room items, like tables, more practical. Big, bulky furniture only clutters the space, so attempting to move those pieces trouble-free is not always easy. If you want to relocate large furniture, you have to call professional movers to assist you.

Drop leaf tables are a fantastic option for small homes but can also be a great addition to bigger, luxurious homes since they come in different shapes and styles. The design is always tasteful, and they can be easily handled and carried to any place in the house.

Multiple coffee tables

Coffee tables are essential furniture pieces of every living room. They can be made from basically any material, fitting any interior style. Not to mention they are pretty handy. Coffee tables with smart storage spaces have become a choice of many homeowners. However, such storage space is not very big, and some people would always pick usable surfaces over it. That’s why going with multiple coffee tables is smart. They usually come in three pieces of slightly different sizes, with compatible storage solutions and clean designs.

Minimalistic folding workplace

For those working remotely, turning a part of the living space into a home office is now easier than ever. You just need to pick a place in any room and install a practical folding workplace for your laptop.

Multifunctional closets and wardrobes

If you like fashion and clothes, you know that there is always a need for more space no matter how big your closet is. And even though the wardrobe’s primary function is to keep our stuff safely stored, why not add some more functional features to it? A closet with large mirrored doors should be one of the mandatory multifunctional furniture pieces for your new home. We all need mirrors, but big ones take up a lot of space. Why not use your walls for something more creative, like expressing yourself through wall decor? Still, modern wardrobes can have more than a few functions. Some of them can have pull-out ironing boards or jewelry storage space on the inner side of the doors.

Custom made window seat

When it comes to making your small home beautiful and comfortable, consider multifunctional furniture as an option. Try to fully optimize the place, making it easy to clean. But also seize every opportunity for creating more storage space. Luckily, many furniture designs offer storing options, like ottomans and sitting benches.

However, when customizing your home, using not only space but natural light matters as well. Especially if you love to read. So, if you have nice windows with a deep window board, you can easily create a reading nook in the form of a window seat. You can transform the bottom part of it into a bookshelf. That way, you can have all of your favorite authors within reach at all times.

Folding screens and panels

A multiple panel room divider is a fantastic piece of furniture that will give any home a special spark. They come in many styles, textures, and colors, and some even have mirrors. Folding screens are an excellent option for small spaces or even big rooms because they create more privacy. They can hide undesirable features or create an illusion of a false wall. Some creative homeowners use them as headboards for their beds, as well.


When choosing multifunctional furniture pieces for your new home, you might need to compromise a bit. Even though the options are plenty, finding the ones with the right shape, color, form, and price might be tricky. However, functionality should be your priority, so adapting other factors to it shouldn’t be that hard. If the color doesn’t match, furniture can easily be repainted. Or, in cases of sofas and chairs, you can enrich the fabric by adding a nice cover or statement pillows. Let creativity do the job for you!

Author Bio:

Lydia Kate Gibbons is a 36-year-old who enjoys golf, chess, and reading. She has recently moved to Brooklyn. Her passion is exploring interior design trends. That’s why she became a freelance blogger and writer currently affiliated with TB Moving & Storage NYC.

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