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6 Designs to Make Your Home Cozier

You want to feel comfortable and warm in your home. However, if you own a drafty house or live somewhere that is perpetually cold even in the summer, it may seem impossible.

Feeling warmth and coziness in your home has great benefits to your mental health. Here, we cover six ways to make your home cozier:

1. Get Insulated

Insulation is where design and structure meet. With any home, it will only be as cozy as its insulation.

Insulation can involve various fixes, from getting new energy-efficient double-glazed windows to repairing or replacing the roofing.

Metal roofs can reduce heat loss and make you feel safe and cozy regardless of the snow or torrential rains outside. With a metal roofing Salt Lake City company, you can keep your home warm and snuggly year-round.

2. Install a Fireplace

Nothing says a cozy night like reading a long book next to the fireplace. Installing a fireplace in your home can do more than heat your house. The sound of a fireplace is also soothing to hear in the background while reading.

A fireplace’s warmth can make a room feel softer and lighter. The light emitted from the fireplace can make the space feel bigger too. Fireplaces bring family members together, as well, to share stories and laughter.

3. Pick Up a Rug (or Several)

Aesthetically and physically, rugs can make a home look and feel warmer. If you walk around your house without socks, the bottom of your feet will become cold. With a rug, you can make sure the areas you frequently walk over provide warmth to your feet.

Cold feet can make your whole body chilly. Adding rugs to a bathroom’s cold tile or kitchen’s cold hardware floors can provide your feet some warmth. Walking over rugs also provides plushness and softness with every step you take.

4. String Lights

In cold regions with less sunlight, the endless gray skies can create seasonal depression. However, with the right lighting in a home, it can make you feel cozy and safe.

String lights with little orbs, fairy lights, or twinkling bulbs illuminate a room and give it a calming atmosphere. You want to pick bulbs that emit a light that is lower on the Kelvin scale to create a softer and more comforting light.

5. Snuggle Up in a Weighted Blanket

During a long cold day out in the snow, coming back home to a snuggly blanket is a beautiful feeling. And cuddling with a weighted blanket can make it even better.

Weighted blankets are a little heavier than standard blankets and, once on, can help relax your nervous system. Weighted blankets add extra layers of coziness. Putting a weighted blanket on before bed has also helped people to reduce their anxiety.

6. Lean Back into Fuzzy Pillows

It is vital to invest in good decor for your living room to make it an enjoyable space. Fuzzy pillows are comfortable to lounge on and soft to the touch. And if you want to sit on the ground, a big fuzzy pillow is a fantastic option to plop on the floor and unwind.

Plus, fuzzy pillows are an excellent creative addition to any couch, chair, or bed. Pillows can add a pop of color to make a cozy room feel more vibrant.


After you make sure the exterior of your winter house has a metal roof, it is time to make the rest of your interior just as cozy. Lights and blankets can help you to stay warm and set the right mood for relaxation no matter the weather. It is time to make your home cozier and bring calmness to your day.

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